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Do you think she was right?????

hi i wonder if anyone can help me .

i was told last year my son had Asthma which isnt too bad at the moment but when he gets a cold he becomes quiet chesty as you do so i have been told by our doctor that he needs to take his pump up to 4 times a day when needed.

My son is 6 years old and at full time school i have told him and his teacher that he needs to take his pump after lunch ...

But what do you do when he comes home and tells you ""the teacher said i didnt need it so she didnt give it too me""

Do you think the teacher was right to do this or should she have listened to my son !!

Please tell me what you think ....

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I personally would inform the teacher and headteacher that your child must have his medication at the times you have specified as he has been prescribed it


Hi vick, If you had instructed the teacher that he should have his pumps, then the teacher should have given them. Shane is 7 and now has a care plan in order at his school due to simular experiances, I would bring this up with her again and explain the importance of your boy having his pumps during school time as requested.



i would definately suggest getting a plan in place - he may not seem too bad at the time but not giving it may make it worse later if you know what i mean. michaels nursery have occasionaly said to me ""he missed his atrovent/ sodium chromoglycate / theophyllyn cos he was engrossed in something, is that ok?"" i havd to explain that whether or not its ok (which it isnt), its already been missed so theres no way to give him it now - this has made him ill in the past but now we have an agreement in place - he gets his meds within 15 mins of specified time regardless of what he is doing.

enough babbling - you should def get a plan cos it isnt up to the teachers to decide whether he ""needs"" it or not!!!

good luck


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