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School helping look out for asthmatic Son AT LAST!!!!

My Son is having a few attacks at school as usual, but I'm finding out about them, the teacher tells me whats going on as well as parents of other children. I think my Son has scared the other kids to death, parents keep coming up to me to find out how he, tell me whats they heard happened and if we need a lift home to save him from walking.I sent the info about brittle asthma type 2 to the teachers and think it had the desired affect. I hate frightening people but sometimes needs must. It still worries me that 1 minute he is perfectly well then he crashes with no warning and the attacks always seems so severe. Rarely we get a mild attack 1st but it's always followed by an awful 1.I have no warning with mine either, certain smells trigger mine or stress or sometimes they just happen, they get severe really quickly where I can barely breath. I have inhalers everywhere so not a problem there.Just wish things were different


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That is great news Kate about your son's school. Sounds like they are even educating the other children in his class too.


great............communication is always a plus. hopefully things continue to go well with the school.


as parents we need to fight for our children. I'm glad things are finally beginning to improve, please see my discussion on OFSTED, we really need to unite and fight together x


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