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Does anyone else mix up repeat requests?

Hi everyone

Had major stress at Drs today. Went to pick up repeat prescrption for becotide for daughter to be told she didn't need one yet and I couldn't have one. Problem is both daughters are on same strength becotide inhaler so have just been opening new one for each and not looking at names on box - My fault entirely.

I requested a new one for wrong child who according to PC is overusing and now can't have a prescription until Tuesday afternoon which would be fine except daugher is off to camp with me on Monday which leaves other daughter with no inhaler for 2 days but i couldn't even get past the receptionist to speak to a dr let alone get an appointment for Monday or prescription and to add insult to injury the remaining now shared becotide is not going to last the weekend so it looks like they'll both run out with predictable consequences, at least i have 4 ventolin inhalers was organised in that respect.

I feel so stupid cos with all my multiple nebs pred theoplhylline etc i never run out of my own meds and am in the dr's for repeats all the time but on the other hand am very irritated with unhelpful receptionist.

Does anyone else muddle this up or is it just me being a disorganised idiot?

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If you have problems like this again insist on seeing the practiice manager to discuss the receptionist's way of dealing with your problem. Alternatively insist on seeing the practice nurse who may be able to help. Your local pharmacy might also be able to help as sometimes they can contact the surgery to have emergency medication authorised once you have explained the problem.


Your local pharmacy can also do a repeat prescription service with a standing order with your GP if it is set up. Basically you need your GP and pharmacy to set it up... some have it all working already so it takes one phone call and the pharmacy will organise the meds. I have used my daughters inhalers by mistake and she uses mine..... we must have a very odd repeat presciption pattern at our GP. It seems to sort itself out when we get our reviews tho... :-)


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