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Count down to going back school panic

Ryan goes back to school in 11 days and I am so panicked about it all. Last year he did amazingly well with his attendance and hit 95% which is the lowest they like a child attendance to be at his school. But this summer holiday has been so bad for him with his health. He is not looking forward to going back to school as he has a new teacher and teaching assistant and all he remembers about the new teacher is that she used to be the year 6 teacher and is now going to be year 4's teacher. She was very strict when it came down to school uniform, punctuality and attendance. She was always telling the children off for not sitting still and concentrating on there work. But no matter how much I try to reassure him that she will be different with them he wont have it. He is very a fidgety boy and has a very short attention span than a normal child of his age and has really issues with reading and writing and has a speech impediment that he is very concerned about as well. We need to get him back under the speech therapist as all the techniques we do with him for his stammer are not working anymore so he needs more help with that. We are also going to push them to get him assessed for dyslexia as last year they did a test and he failed it put they couldn't get him in for the full assessment because of his year group we had to wait until he was in year 4 which is where he is going to soon. He has a reading ability of year 1 and writing of year 2 but I have found that if he is reading Fantastic mr. ox or The Twits he really enjoys reading these books an today he decided he was going to try and read Stig of the Dumb. I have also got him a Quest of the Beast book that we read together and as he seems to enjoying reading adventure, sci-fi, space and books that get your imagination going crazy and specially if we can get him up and bouncing about during the story. But they don't do this at school He has loved reading with me and dad this holiday as we make reading fun and not a task that has to be done when he is told to do it.

But my panic is I have to re-go over his care plan with yet another teacher and teaching assistant and I concerned that this new teacher has got 2 other teachers that I will be comparing her over. The last 2 teachers he has had has been amazing. They checked in daily how he had been over night and every Monday morning they asked if the action plan was the same as last week. And at the end of everyday they told me how he had been if it was them that let him out. But then the new teacher did ask for my permission to take his care plan home with her over the holiday so she could read up and memories his care needs and medical details. The new teaching assistant I am not concerned about as she has a child herself with asthma so she should be able to pin-point when he is having or about to go into an attack and assist him with treatment if he needs assistance now he has a new inhaler that he loves as he can do it all on his own with no spacer as it is a dry powder. The clickhaler is amazing and his self-esteem and confidence has already been given a boost in the last 5 days he has had his new inhalers and we hopefully will wake up in the morning to a boy who has had his first full nights sleep in months as his night cough isn't half as bad as it was before the doctor gave him Serevent back. Going to see if we can get his brown inhaler as a dry powder as the dry powder is suiting him so much better than the spray that he has to use the spacer through. We will keep the spacer and a spray inhaler in-case we ever have to do the rescue dosage.

OK enough ranting just needed to vet somewhere that I felt there would be people that understand this panic and concern. Hope your little one's, ho go to school are looking forward to go back and seeing their friends again and starting a brand new year at school. I now Loren is and Eddie is excited about starting nursery which is yet another concern for both of them as Loren needs cream on her eczema will at school and Eddie can't go nursery unless the staff are trained in dealing with epilepsy

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It sounds like Ryans new teacher will be fine - she is making an effort to be knowledgeable about Ryans health which is impressive ring the school before they go back and ask for a brief meeting with her just to verify everything.

With regards to his learning issues -the Dyslexia institute diagnose from 7 yrs up so i dont understand the delay -Please push for your son to be tested properly as there is so much that can be done and the sooner the better - my middle child is dyslexic and i used to be a TA working with the special needs kids, however if he can read those books alone i feel that maybe there is a confidence issue as well this too needs to be addressed quickly as yrs 5and 6 are quite a jump(i have kids going into yrs 6,9,and 10)

As he gets older Ryan will be expected to take more responsibility for his health and for you to take a step back at school but the main thing is to get everything sorted as soon as possible.

With regards to your younger kids putting cream on at lunch should not be an issue -again ensure there is a careplan in place before they start term it is part of the schools responsibility to do this. As for your epileptic son there should be member of staff first aid trained who can deal with the aftermath of a fit - can you get your practice nurse or if he has an specialist nurse -to go into nursery to do a training session - i had to do this due to my daughters anaphalaxsis and it was then not an issue.

I hope some of this helps but overall please dont worry yourself as the kids do pick up on it which in turn doesnt help them.good luck and i hope they all get on fine


hi just want to say

I think you need a big pat on the back, for all the multi tasking, you must do, and have done in the past, to get all your kid's medical needs and problems sorted.

I have two kids with multi medical probs so know what it is like. And understand why you are worried. Its not easy trying to sort out all the problems, or problems which may occur, but you seem to be doing a really good job. And know what needs doing and how to sort it, so good luck for the new school year. Got to go and sort out my sons school care plan now lol

take care



Ryan has a new inhaler case for school and is already wearing it with pride. He loves his new case and can't wait to go back to school to show it off and tell his friends my mummy made it me and if you wont one I can ask my mummy for a order form for you to give to your parents. I am so pleased with the way his attitude has changed to going back to school just with a new inhaler case. The things that make going back to school good are so strange


Ryan is back at school as we speak. 1st day today

Well Ryan is back at school as we speak and I had a lovely talk with his class teacher this morning as she was out of the play-ground before the whistle and she has memories his action plan for his multiply health issues and even told me she has cleaned and sterilized his spacer's from last year as she took them home with her and that his spray inhaler expires just as they brake up for October half term. I told her that the spray inhaler and Spacer is only for his rescue treatment as instructed at the 5 minute marker of an asthma attack as he know carries a dry powder inhaler which doesn't require a spacer and that he can do this inhaler on his own and is very confident with the inhaler and loves his new found independents even with his learning difficulties.

We also spoke about his writing and that we have hand-writing pens at home and that he finds them very hard to use so I have bought him a new pen and he loves it and he writes much better with the pen at home so got him one for school if that was OK. She said I don't see why not as we will be working with him starting today with his reading and writing and we will be getting him finally tested for dyslexia and then they can properly give him the help he needs for that. He is in year 4 but is at the writing and reading stage of year 1/2 and she is going to request he gets referred to the play working for half an hour a week as she feels he will benefit from that as well. She hasn't even taught him yet and I already feel like she is going to bend over backwards to try and help him as much as she can and get him the help he needs. She also wants to get him referred for assessment for his behavior as he is very hyper-active, easily distracted and very hard to keep on the task at hand even when it is in the 1-1 sessions he gets daily with the SENCO teacher.


Ryan loves his new class and says it is better than class 3

Ryan came out of school so happy and impressed. He said this year is so much better than last year and is so excited and looking forward to tomorrow. He said his class teacher is really good and makes lessons fun and the teaching assistant is really good and recognises when a child is having an asthma attack as one of his friends had an attack at school today. Thankfully the TA has a child with asthma as well which I think is helping the kids a lot


Well he has know done 7 days at school and I have to take him back to the doctors next week, I think. His asthma is brilliant at night know but he is having issues during the day again and yesterday had to use his blue inhaler 3 times at school. First attack lasted 3 mins, 2nd 4 mins and 3rd was at dinner and his lunch-time supervisor wouldn't listen to him and it lasted half an hour. Thankfully his class teacher saw he was having issues and went out to him and gave his lunch-time supervisor a right talking too. She rang me and asked for advice and told me if I wanted I could go in and take a look at him and decide what to do which because I was only across the road at the time I did. I took over and when he came out the attack I offered to take him home but he said ""No mum can I try the afternoon I feel OK. I will just sit the class-room and read a book if that's OK?"" I told him that I was only going to be around the corner that afternoon so if he decided after only half an hour no I need to home then get his teacher to ring me and I will come and collect him. Well He made it to home time but when I collected him I was informed he had a half hour sleep after I left and once he woke from that he seemed a lot brighter.

I have a meeting on Monday morning with the head-teacher as I am putting in a complaint about the lunch-time supervisor and the the fact that she ignored my son and 4 of his friends who informed her that Ryan was having an asthma attack and needed to go inside.


we sent information in about brittle asthma to school, when we were unhappy about how his asthma was ignored.It explained what would happen if his condition was ignored, also the consultants of both his hospital did the same.I also told them to show all the staff but Matty was never to see the letter.It did the trick. I had to really frighten them with what would happen, they then got the hint that asthma is serious and people do die especially with the severity and quickness in which Matty goes under.

Dont be afraid to scare them into doing the right thing, it works!!!

good luck

Kate x


Well I spoke to the head teacher and informed her of some bullying that is happening. I found out Saturday that my poor boy is being bullied again. The head-teacher apologised for the errors the lunch-time supervisors made on Friday and she is also going to deal with the child who is bullying my poor boy. I think once the bullying stops his asthma will get back on track. Or at least I hope so anyway. I know with me that stress triggers my asthma and my poor boy seems to have all the triggers I have so I am going to work with him to help reduce his stress levels and see if that makes any difference. If not then back to the doctors. We also the change in weather to deal with as well know as he always gets a really bad flare up when it is cold and that seems to be how the weather is all the time at the moment. Doubled all his inhalers so hopefully that will help too


Hi, just want to say hope all goes well and the bullying is sorted out, you must be worried sick, its bad enough having to deal with all the asthma problems. Your family seems to be like my family, not much goes right, lol.

best wishes.



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