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should i change doctors?


i was wondering do you think i should change doctors as i dont feel im getting the best out of them when it comes to my daughters asthma.

sometimes i cant get in when my daughter has been bad n other times they don't seem 2 listen for months now my daughters asthma has been uncontrolable and they don't seem 2 be tring at all. they don't try and help me understand or anything.

today me daughter is struggling. it brings me 2 tears sometimes when i see her like it knowin i cant do anything. i know tho if i take her 2 docs they will either give her anitibiotics which dont seem 2 do anything or say there is nothing they can do.


dyneaka x

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If you are worried I would demand she be seen today, I don't know what inhalers you have for her or what she is like but when I say my boys are 'struggling' it usually means they need steroids. My doctor admitted that often antibiotics are given when not needed as the crackle is the fluid from the Asthma rather than an infection. You can usually tell an infection as she would have a temp. Anyway if you are not happy with her breathing take here to A+E and they will sort her out, in my experience dr at the hospital don't give antibiotics unnecessarily like gp's do and at lest they will check her oxygen levels. Good luck.


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