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hi everyone...

just wanted to say thank you for your support & encouraging me to get what's best for my almost 3 year old! I have spent many an hour on this site and others researching asthma and of-course I don't know as much as the docs but it has helped me know what questions to ask and reading your posts also gave me a lot of confidence. I called my health visitor today about the pneumococcal vaccine and said I was wondering whether my son should have it as he's been very unwell and even had pneumonia. She said it wasn't given to asthmatics. Then whilst on the phone she started to read through her information and read about respiratory problems and then onto those children who have had to have frequent steroid treatment for asthma (my son has had 4 preds in 6 months) so her opinion changed right away and she feels he IS a candidate for the vaccine but needs to check with the doctor first. I was even brave enough to say I had read about the vaccine on this website and I know that gave me a boost of confidence!

So thank you for your advice too! I will hear probably tomorrow if he will have the vaccine or not... maybe they'll say no but at least they will have looked into it. My next step is to see if I can get us referred to a consultant! But for now he's well and his asthma is under control so I am enjoying the peace whilst it lasts!

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