Adult sufferers undermining children's confidence in the advice given them

I have a 12 yr old grandson who suffers from asthma, he lives with his father as sole parent. His mother refused to allow him to use the prescribed inhalers because they contain steroids which she held to be very dangerous. We have been able to overcome this hurdle. Now however the wife of acquaintance of my son who suffers from asthma has told my grandson in very graphic terms her belief that every Reliever inhalant she has used has 'knocked a year off her life' that she strongly recommended that he should not use the inhalers prescribed. How on earth do you deal with such incredible nonsense?

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  • Oh goodness, its bad enough getting that sort of nonsense as an adult, how very confusing for a 12 year old. I can't offer any specific advice, as I have never been in that situation, how about letting him see the Kick Asthma boards?

    Best of luck, I am sure someone with a child who has been through similar will be along soon. In the mean time show him this:

    Unless told not to by a Dr who by the way has spent years training please KEEP TAKING YOUR INHALERS. If anyone says not to try asking which medical school they went to before taking their advice!

    Good luck


  • make her find out how many people die from asthma every year, and how many people die from taking their inhaler properly every year, and then hopefully she will see a trend.

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