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My 22mnth old has been diagnosed as athmatic despite never having an attack or appearing breathless, however hse has a permanent cough, which is both dry & productive.

The ventolin made no difference, and now after 6mnths, and several doses of oral steroids 3 day intense doses) we have been prescribed Beclometasone inhaler which as I understand is steroid based, and can cause long term side effects. I don't feel well informed on theis basis and I am afraid that I will do more harm than good administering this drug, any advice or opinion gratefully reciceved

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  • Hi

    although the becamethozone is a steroid based inhaler you should find very few side effects as its not like taking oral steroids as the dose is a lot smaller and for any serious side effects as far as I undersatnde it would take a long time to see the effects . most people are prescribed a steroid based inhaler alongside their ventiolin to help keep things under control. if its any consoltaion I started with a permanent cough. it is just a diff type of asthma.


  • Thank You

    Thank You Katharine, I guess as none of us suffer asthma in our families, it's all a bit new, and it's reassurance we new peeps need!!

  • Thats ok am still trying to get my head round it myself as only have cousin that have asthma no direct family. so ity does take a bit oif getting used to but those who are old hands at it on this site are always happy to help.

  • Hi mouse07 my son started a similar inhaler at a youger age and has had it for 10 years he is only just 11 is five foot six and size 10 feet so my fears about stunted growth were unfounded and I can not see any significant other problems either. I am steroid dependant asthmatic myself on oral pred so am very aware of side effects. My daughter is small for her age but think she just takes after her grandmother. I would not worry too much but try it out for a bit we did stop on occasions when they seemed very well just to see if symptoms persisted - but ask your gp or practice nurse about that before you do.


  • Hi, my son has also been on steriod inhaler since 6 months and oral steriods since 3 yrs. He was 11 last week and is 5'2 and takes since 8 shoe so like Dens son he has no growth worries. I've always been told the pros far outweigh the cons.

    Hopefully the regular inhaled steriod will mean your son will need less courses of oral steriod.

  • Improvements

    Well we have been using the inhaler for nearly two weeks now, and taking it fairly successfully with the bribery of chocolate. But the cough is still prevelant, and I think thats because we now have a cold as well. We haven't been using the ventolin, and I am wondering if whilst she has the cold as well if I should use the ventolin too. But thank you all for making me feel so much better.

  • Hi

    I completely agree with katharine about the lack of side effects with inhaled steroids. The drug used in inhalers beclomethasone has much less side effects than oral prednisolone and in the form of beclomethasone dipropionate in becotide very little of the steroid can manage to leave the lungs and most of what does is broken down by the blood anyway so there is very little chance of growth supression etc but your doctor/nurse will monitor your childs growth. I know many parents dispute the diagnosis of asthma on cough alone but this is how the vast majority of children present. Steroid inhalers tend to be far better in controlling the cough as they dampen down the inflammation causing the cough unlike the ventolin which merely open the airways. So you are definately not causing more harm than good but I know the mention of steroids concerns a lot of parents. Hope I've managed to relieve your concerns

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