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Brown Inhaler

My son who's 3 and a half has just been given a brown preventer inhaler. I'm a bit worried about the side-effects as he's so young, especially if he's on it a long time as it's a steroid inhaler.. He has had viral wheeze about 5 times now, almost every time he gets a cough or cold, and in the winter he had coughing fits every time he ran and throughout the night that didn't seem always to be related to the viral wheeze. At the moment he doesn't seem to have much breathlessness or coughing, so I'm guessing now that a lot of that was down to the cold weather as I've read that can be a trigger. So with the cold & flu season over and the weather warming up I'm wondering wether there's any point in starting a preventer right now, and wether it's really necessary at all. I'd be grateful for any thoughts or advice.

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i was on the brown inhaler from the age of 1years and had no problems, its to prevent all the symptoms you have drescribed so in my opinion it would help him to start it now so it gets working ready to help him in the winter.


hey - i had no side effects with the brown inhaler :) he should be fine on it. if it doesn't work for you there are lots of other options :)

good luck!!


My daughter emily, is also 3 and she has been on the brown inhaler since last November, i too had the same reservations as you, and she has all the same symptoms as your son, and although we have the occasional blip she has suffered far less with wheezing and breathing difficulties since.

I really recommend that you do as the doctors advise, they will keep a close eye on your son, and anything that prevents hospital visits and those horrid steroid tablets, is worth it.


My son was out on the brown inhaler at 2 and a half and now almost 7 years later we are now on a purple inhaler. I would recommend asking your doctor for calcium and vitamin D supplements for your child as then you are helping prevent any damage tot here bones. I am only saying this as my son is now almost 9 and a half and has a bone density age of a 6 year old and gets a lot of problems with his bones and we have recently found out it is because of the steroid intake and that we should of been giving him extra supplements. He is now on the supplements and hopefully the damage can be reversed



the only thing i would say is with the brown inhaler is to make sure he rinses his mouth out or has a drink afterwards cos of risk of thrush, though this is rare.



Thanks for all the advice everyone. My little one has started the brown inhaler now, 2 puffs morning and evening. Haven't seen any difference yet but it's summer so I don't expect to.. hopefully though it will have built up enough by winter to keep all those colds from going to his chest! Will definitely be asking the doctor about the vitamins at his next appointment. Thanks everyone.


how is your lil one doing?

is the brown preventer - becotide - inhaler helping? have u noticed?

did u ask about vitamins and other medications?

hope he is improving and no other medication are needed at present :)

x x


Brown inhalers are preventer inhalers and have Beclometasone as the main ingredient. This steroid based inhaler is used for asthma. These inhalers have useful effects but like most of the medicines might have some unwanted side effects as well. Common side effects are oral thrush, sore throat, alteration of taste and hoarse voice. However, using high doses of steroids through inhalation can lead to aggravation of mental health problems and can be a risk factor for developing osteoporosis. When children use inhaled steroid for a long time, there growth should be monitored.


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