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help! asthma and breathlessness

Hi, my daughter was diagnosed with having asthma at four months old after a bad case of bronchiolitus left her with a persistent wheeze. Shes under the asthma clinic and about a year ago they found a heart murmur which she had checked and we were told was an innocent murmur. However as she getting older ive noticed she gets really out of breath to the point where walking up the stairs really wears her out and sometimes she has to stop. Just running for a few seconds affects her immediatley and she breathes really loudly all the time. I was just wondering whether this was normal with asthma, im probably more concerned because when she had her heart scan she had a cold and the pictures weren't clear, she has only been checked for congenital abnormalities and i suppose im trying to find out if this is a normal symptom of asthma or some underlying heart or lung condition, thanks x

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Hey, I also have a heart mumur and asthma. When I was aged 7 I was sent to Birmingham Childrens hospital, after becoming breathless very easily on some days yet being fine on others. The Childrens hospital did many test to make sure that things were okay (most of them were), and I stayed as a out patient untill I was 17 as there were a few problems. They were fab, so perhaps you could ask to be refered if you daughter doesn't already have a consultant? Just to put your mind at rest. Ally x


Hi im 29 now (from saturday gulp!) and I have a heart murmur since birth and asthma.

I get out of breath more and more depending on the season, if i have a cold or virus etc... i think its a case of managing it with good docs and specialists so you know what med to take, and what you can and can't do.

btw how old is your daughter now?

kel x


hello. i dont have an answer but my daughter is the same. as far as i kow she doesnt have a mumur bt she is constantly breatheless on most occasions jus sittin she is out of breathe. iv tried tellin my doctor but they dont really listen. she 15months now, i get really concerned but think im going to ask at the hospital when she goes on friday and will let you know what they say about it. xxx


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