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New school stress

My daughter Chloe is due to start high school next week, while she is quite excited she is becoming increasingly nervous about a- the whole new school thing and b- having an anaphalactic reaction in school, c- being bullied again.

Her cough that she gets when stressed has come back with full force and nothing can stop it. I have spoken with the school about b and c , they will have her epipens and have basically said that she should ask her friends not to eat nuts when shes around, and the bullying issue will be monitored as unfortunately the girls who bullied her are going to the same school.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions as to how i can help her settle in, I had no peoblems with my eldest starting last yr so this is new to me.

Many thanks in advance.

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hi hopalong

shauna is just going into yr 10 but from yr 7 she has learnt all sorts of things but a awful lot on diabetics, ,asthmatics, epalepsy(sp) and other things this has helped with the bullying situation with all the kids at her school. i.e they are actually finding out wot is wrong with these kids and y they have wot ever attack

i feel this has helped a number of the kids at her school and educated the ignorant

i rem when shauna was in yr 5 she had one boy in class and his mother told him not to sit next to her anymore cos asthma was catching yeah rite lol

this has now stopped most of the kids are supportive of each other

even to the point if she has an attack on way home from school kids from other schools are helping and staying with her till i reach her and phone also phoneing me

its a big step into secondry school but the bully's usually get sorted by the sensible kids in the endand i find the schools take bullying more serious in secondry than juniors

hope she gets on well and the communication works well with teachers /children

good luck chloe in your new school


What are all these yr classes that everyone is on about ? In Scotland we have Primary 1 for 4/5 yr olds up to Primary 7 for 11/12 yr olds and Secondary 1 for 12/13 yr olds up to Secondary 6 for 17/18yr olds. Thanks for anyones help and good luck to Chloe on her first day at a new school. Up here in Caithness the children have been back for 2 weeks already!!


Hi year R is reception and then years 1 through 2 is infant school then year 3 to 6 is junior school and then year 7 through to year 11 is secondry school year 12 and 13 is lower and upper sixth form hope that helps :)


Hi Jass I've had many a convo trying to explain to one of my friends (from nr Glasgow) how the year groupings work in English schools, I'll try to explain...

Primary school


Reception class = age 4/5

Year 1 = age 5/6

Year 2 = age 6/7


Year 3 = age 7/8

Year 4 = age 8/9

Year 5 = age 9/10

Year 6 = age 10/11


Year 7 = age 11/12

Year 8 = age 12/13

Year 9 = age 13/14

Year 10 = age 14/15

Year 11 = age 15/16

Also if you go to sixth form attached to a secondary school the year groups are sometimes called year 12 and 13.

Hope that helps!

Hops good luck to Chloe in her new school, I hope it goes well for her and she that she soon settles in makes lots of new friends!

Sparkly Fairy


Many thanks lainie and Sparkly. Thats great to know. Ill know what people are talking about now!!!


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