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Which nebuliser is best for a nearly 3year old?

Hiya all,

my godson's mam will be permitted to get a nebuliser for her nearly 3 year old son. We were just wondering which one's the best on the Market at the moment? I know us adults have to buy our own, I don't suppose children get them on prescription do they?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Love Lydia xx

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hi lydia, not sure about getting the nebulisers on prescription or not for children, but i have noticed when looking for mine, searching on Ebay and google, also amazon, that they have child friendly ones that arent so noisy. they have the masks with stickers on them! dragons, and such like, which the children can decorate themselves, so they can become familiar with before having to use them, so less scary.

omron is good make as a portable neb. the one i use as a home neb is a nebflow 1700 which i paid 40 tax excempt. online from mcgills pharmacy.co.uk it comes with adult/childs mask.



Thanks snowygirl,

I'll have a look online. Fun stickers sound great:-) thanks for your advice;-) xx


Maddie, who's two and a half, was issued hers by the consultant. However, it was issued for her steroids. Despite having Salbutamol nebules, (as we live rurally and maybe difficult to get to by an ambulance quickly) we were told not to use them unless absolutely necessary due to not being in a hospital environment and being given a false sense of security by them. However she uses the neb for steroids twice daily and its been brill.

She holds the mask to her face and knows why she needs it etc.

The hospital issued it which took a couple of weeks to organise but in the meantime, the dr's surgery loaned us one for the interim.

Its a pari-boy and is available to buy online too.

Good luck in your search.

Emily. X


Thanks emily,

there's such a big choice of nebs online it's hard to decide which ones are the best.

How does someone qualify for are vat free purchase? I know it says ""if you're chronically ill or disabled""...well asthma is a chronical illness so do we all get free vat on a neb?

Love Lydia x


no worries. the stickers are excellent! keeps them entertained! haha.

also, as long as doctor recommended you to get the neb, thats when you qualify for vat excemption



Ok thanks snowygirl:-)

I'll tell my friend that. xx


Hi Lydia79, I purchased a portable neb last year from Evergreen (google Nebulisers Evergreen) and the service was very good. If you ring them up they will advise you - they have a range of leading brands.

I purchased Omron CompAir years ago from our local chemist and that has been brilliant, no problems at all and has a paediatric mask as well as adult - my son was about 5/6 when he first started using it and it didnt worry him at all - he was just glad to get the relief! I brought the portable neb (Omron MicroAir) for travel as the CompAir is heavy and runs off the mains. I must admit, I didnt have a clue about nebulisers when I got the CompAir but I researched for the portable one and a few other people recommended Evergreen. I found them very helpful.


Thanks angievere,

all very useful information:-)

is it the microair u22 you have? I'm astonished by it's size but was wondering if it's powerful enough?

I'm thinking of buying it for myself for when I'm out and about and camping.

Love Lydia xx


Lydia79 - Mine doesnt actually say u22 on the packaging but it looks exactually the same one. To be honest me or son havent actually used it, but I went by the favourable comments on this forum. It was £70 a year ago, notice it has gone up to £79. Still, I'm pleased to have it for travel and backup.


Glad you never had to use it yet. Think I might go for it, nice pocket size. I love being outdoors so it would give me a back-up for emergencies.

My little godson is going to see a specialist soon so we'll see what he decides to do. Thank you all for your comments, I've written all the suggestions down for his parents.

Love Lydia xx


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