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help with asthma through pregnancy

Can Any Help Me, my asthma started to get worst at the start of my pregnancy, went to the doctors and they said it all to do with my body changing it will continue to be worst until the changes stop which mean I am likely be stuck with these symptoms for 9 months, which are; coughing all night, no sleep n attacks more often. Just want to know if there is anything I can do?

Any ideas welcome

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If you look at the lime green band across the top of this page and go to All About Asthma, there is a section entitled Frequently Asked Questions and one of the questions is on asthma and pregnancy. You may find that useful. My asthma wasnt too troublesome when I was pregnant in the early stages and I stayed on my meds except cut out Theophylline. At 32 weeks I had a big asthma attack and was on antibiotics and steroids - even had an Xray (with tummy area covered)!

You really should go back to your GP and ask for more help. It isnt enough to say your asthma will worsen and you just have to put up with it. They should be monitoring you more if anything, I certainly was and that was 14 years ago. Good luck with everything and I hope things improve for you. Congrats on your pregnancy too.


congrats on your pregnancy!

i havent really much advice for you really other than to offer you support and suggest you see your gp and midwife as soon as you can and raise your concerns so that they can alter your management to ensure you are managed appropriately and that you and your baby are safe, more importantly you are not stressing over it and you get REST and SLEEP.

one tip though i find helpful with coughing at night which isnt harmful for baby, is placing a bowl half filled with water on top of a heater/ radiator in your bedroom at night, as this humidifies the air. i find this helps me at night. and try to sleep with plenty of pillow behind you - but i am sure you know bout the pillow thing already lol

and as angie says, look under the FAQ section, it may prove very helpful for you :)

keep well

x x x


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