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5 yr old hates taste/smell of Brown beclometasone dipropionate inhaler

After having a 3rd course of prednisolone for the 3rd month on the trot they have now put my daughter onto a brown inhaler - Clenil Modulite 100 aka beclometasone dipropionate, which is CFC free. She uses the yellow aero chamber with mask and is very good at taking her blue inhaler.

She hates take the prednisolone because of taste and was delighted when Dr gave her the brown inhaler to hopefully prevent having to have the pink things again! But I CANNOT get her to take it. have tried everything - putting vicks under her nose, putting an olbas oil tissue over her nose part, even having sugar sprinkled on her tongue etc etc but she still gets very distressed and pulls her head away. She is getting more stressed now which in turn is making her coughing and breathing worse...

I am a single mum and struggling to cope with the nights up waiting for the out of hours -doc to authorise 20 puffs of ventolin etc and then oral steroids battles then missed school - I also don't get paid when she misses school and I have to take a time of work, and I am starting to get into trouble financially....

Does anyone know of any tricks to get her to take the inhaler or to mask the taste and smell or is there alternative inhalers or ??????

Anyhelp would be appreciated before kt and I end up insane lol



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i found sucking a peppermint helped mask some of the taste for me it is less potent that way i dont take it now, i have a different combination which touch wood works at the moment. my friends child was also on it when she was 4 and got her to do it herself and she had a sweet in her mouth whilst taking it too, and my friend told her she would get a little treat if she took it without any fuss and it is only for a few seconds of a nasty taste to make her better i know its difficult but try a few things you know she likes anything to take the taste away will be good for your daughter.


Hi kazbloom,

I no when my my friends daughter was only 2/3 year old she used to swap the canister into from the brown into the blue casing (the salbutamol casing) and issue it normal as it was the other kind and she just got used to it thinking it was the same inhailer she was taking the taste just grew on her as she knew no different that it was a different type of medicine as the colour wa the same...

Worth a try but please do remember to insert the correct medication back into its original casing before putting them away as in case of an emergency you do not want to be using the wrong drug.

xx lisa xx


Hi Karen,

I'm sorry you're having such difficulties, it all sounds very stressful for both of you.

I haven't used Clenil myself but I have heard that it does taste fairly bad. There are many different formulations of inhaled beclomethasone and indeed other inhaled steroids which would be likely to work just as well. For example, I take fluticasone as the Flixotide Accuhaler, which is a dry power inhaler which actually has quite sweet-tasting powder. Of course, an Accuhaler probably is not suitable for a young child (you can't use it with a spacer, so it relies on the child being able to breath in deeply when prompted) but there may well be other formulations which are suitable and are not so foul-tasting.

Best of luck

Em H


Snap my 6 year old hates her beclometasone as well and it is causing so many rows, We are back to th docs tommorow and I am going to ask if there is an alternative that she can use, aftr all its bad enough having two inhalers and tablets to take as well as coming to terms with asthma the least we can do is try to get some more pleasent medication. I will let you know how I get. I am resorting to bribary and if I can't change the inhaler I think I will start a star chart with a treat at the end of each week if she take sit without arguement.


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