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4 year old having a bad flare up advice needed!

Hi I need some advice about my daughter she is 4 and was first diagnosed at 9mths when she had a bad flare up that required prednisone. She has been hospitalised 3 times with pneumonia which has induced wheezy episodes and her consultant who she sees every 3 mths started her on singulair and suggested she have her tonsils out as they were large and he felt blocking her airways and not letting her inhalers do there job. She has had them out in April and has been at her best since - but 3 weeks ago she started night time coughing and then a few days later exercise induced coughing and having to have a few puffs of ventolin night and day. This has got worse and I'm quiet concerned as to what could have started this off. She has had allergy tests at the hospital but nothing has come back so the consultant has put it down to virus induced asthma but she is well in herself at the moment. She has also been tested for cystic fibrosis which was also negative. So I'm at a loss as to what has brought us back to what feels like square one! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hey Paramaribo,

Sorry to hear your daughter has been struggling again. It seems there are so many different triggers for asthma and people are affected in different ways and by different things; sometimes I think it can be quite difficult to identify these triggers too. I would suggest going with your instincts - if you're worried then perhaps take your little one to see GP again. Better to be safe than sorry. Hope you see some improvement soon though. Sorry I can't be of more help. Let us know how things go.

Shy1. x


Hi thanx for the reply took her to see her asthma nurse who felt she should see the g.p. He put her on prednisone and told me to bring her back on Friday if not better and he would send her up to the hospital for a chest X-ray and to see a paediatrician. She is still wheezy so will see how she goes.


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