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13 year old with asthma- a few questions

Hi! I have a 13 year old daughter (Haley) who was diagnosed with asthma when she was 11. It was very mild, the doctors even called it ""borderline"", meaning they weren't sure if it was bad enough to even call it asthma.She went about 2 years hardly using her inhaler, probably about once a month This fall, however, it started to get worse. In early october, she was so bad that I took her to the hospital. They gave her some nebs and she came home after about 5 hours. Then, in late december, just before chirstmas, She was quite bad again, so I drove her to the hozzie once more. This time, they decided to admit her, but she was out the next evening. Since then, she has been pretty good, a few wheezes here and there. Using her inhaler about 2-3 times a week. The doctors are puzzled about how she went from ""borderline"" to this! Also, I live in Canada, where we don't have asthma nurses, so we havent got a peak flow meater, an action plan, or anything! All we have is her ventolin inhaler and a preventer called flovent. So, my questions are :

a) Why did she go from so mild to this?

b) How do I go about getting her the action plan, peak flow meter, etc.

c) Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Any input at all would be helpful!


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could be a virus upset your daughters asthma, I seem to be alergic to cold viruses

am also completly unable to cope with cold air and rain, with some bad reactions to 'mold spoors'.

if you don't have a peak flow meter, notice other things,

(- I find the whole UK labour partys policy on everyone seeing an asthma nurse

deeply unhelpful, for me, so far.) I do realise I feel different with different Pk Fl readings, but other things tell me how I'm feeling, like do I feel annoyed to realise I have to go and fetch something (from the next room) Can I eat my usual size breakfast? can I face cycling to work?



Sorry don't know much about the health system in Canada, but can you start by asking your doctor for some more support - eg an action plan, peak flow meter etc?

Or possibly a referral to a specialist who can provide more support?

You can buy PF meters on line etc, but you would be far better off if you had somebody helping you to monitor and understand your daughter's symptoms, and to check that her meds are working for her.

Symptoms can vary even for somebody who usually has very mild or borderline symptoms, and a virus or other trigger could cause problems Its very likely once you get to the bottom of that, that she will go back to how she was.....

Hope you get things sorted out



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