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Open fires??

Hi, My 19month old son was diagnosed a month ago as having asthma after numerous stays in hospital this year! I find i am starting to see when he is starting to struggle and give him his inhaler straight away, what i'm finding is training other people is not quite so easy!

Anyway my little boy is going to be put on a steriod inhaler mid sept-oct as he seems to be worse when he has a cold! My main concern is during the winter our main source of heating is via an open fire, there is no way around this, i just wondered if anyone had any advice? We had an open fire last year and it didn't seem to aggravate him although having said that our first asthma attack wasn't until march and i'm not sure the fire was lit then! Moving is out of the question! We also have night storage heaters in others rooms but tend to only have one on as they give off quite a dry heat, so any general advice on heating would be great.

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Hi there, sorry to hear of your visits to hospital. My son has definately got viral asthma(cough varient)

which means he rarely wheezes but will cough so much in a flare up that he vomits etc., however we did need to get this written on his asthma plan from an early age as numerous visits to out of hours gp,s who sent us home as there was no wheeze. you said your son was worse with the cold which would suggests viral asthma? Our son was sent to the hospital to get allergic tests done which rules out all the usual suspects Dust, animals,etc.. They may fob you off due to his age but I found these tests comforting as like you we have an open fire and you do worry about dust flying around. Good luck

PS we also bought a humidifier for his room and did use albas drops in it, def helped


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