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refused treatment help needed desprately!!!

Hi I am kind of new here although I have been reading post for a while.

To start of I have a 6 year old son Will who has brittle asthma

Well today I got a phone call from my partner to say that Will's

School rang and said he isn't well can we pick him up

so I went and got him to find he was in a really bad way, nebs were not helping

So I took him straight down to the hospital to which I was

told we can't treat him he is already on long term steriods so

take him home keep giving him meds and use his nebs,

that was at 2 0'clock its now 6:40 and there is no change in him

he is very distressed sat with his mum crying.

I don't know what to do for the best has any one else had

this before?

Ash very worried

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