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Managing Asthma at School

HiI'm new to the board and looking for some advice/reassurance. My 4 yr old is due to start school next September. She currently has clenil modulite at home morning and evening with a spacer. My problem is with her reliever. When she is struggling with her breathing I am advised that she can have up to 10 puffs of ventolin every 2 hours. In this case, I keep her home from preschool and her symptoms go within 24hrs. However, when she is recovering (or an episode is imminent) we manage her condition with 2 puffs every 2 hours.At the moment, her preschool staff are happy to assist her using her spacer. However, I am told that when she goes to school, they will not help but they will observe her. She isn't physically able to hold the spacer onto her face and press the inhaler - she has neither the strength in her fingers no arm's length.How do other people manage their children's asthma at school?


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