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Singulair or Theophyllin?

Hi all,

Have noticed how so many of you have had success with your children taking Singulair and am now in a dilemma about Leo (our 3 yr old son) and what decision to make regarding the above.

As some of you will know from my previous posts, he was on Singulair for a couple of months but we stopped it due to him getting insomnia when taking it, literally not sleeping until gone 11pm and then waking by 5-5.30am every day and not sleeping at all during the day. He also got some behavioural changes too. Leo is an extremely placid, gentle little boy but became very stroppy and unreasonable after taking Singulair for a while. Even his nursery commented on the complete change of character.

He was back to his old self within a week of stopping them but has since ended up in OOH several times and was admitted for 3 days just a few weeks ago due to an asthma attack

His consultant has suggested putting him on a form of Theophyllin (Slophyllin?) instead, or to try the Singulair instead.

I have heard mixed reviews about Theophyllin so I'm not sure what to do, has anyone else had experience of it with their child?

Also, has anyone else experienced similar side effects to Singulair? Was wondering if they might subside after him being on it for a while if we try it again and persevere?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be great fully received as we are due to see his consultant again on 25th April

On a positive note he seems to be doing well on the Seretide.

Best wishes to all :)


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Hi Rebecca

I could have written your post! I have been through exactly the same with my son, he tried singulair almost 2 yrs ago with the same side affects as you have said. He went from going to sleep at 7pm to still bouncing off the walls at midnight and then we tried giving it to him in the morning and his teacher found him very difficult to handle. Now 2yrs later and with pressure from the consultant we tried it again, it didn't affect him at night but once again his behaviour at home and at school became an issue very stroppy etc....

So we decided to stop it after being on it about 10wks, in the 6wks since we stopped he has had two OOH visits two courses of pred and then a two night hospital! Now feeling guilty is it because we stopped the singulair or a coincidence ? He didn't seem to get on with it that well and did have a course of pred whilst on it, so it wasn't fantastic but his PF was great while he was on it and has also dropped since. We have a consultant appointment on the 23rd April, this has been bought forward due to all this. It will be interesting to see what the next steps for both our boys will be.

Clare Xx


Hi Becx. My teenage son was put on Singulair when about 7 and Theophyllin at 9/10. Both have helped him a lot and he is still on them (adult doses now). He's had no side effects from either as far as we know. I also take Theophyllin and get mild side effects - slight nauseau and raised heart beat - but the benefits outweigh any side effects.

The two drugs are very different. Certainly if you think Singulair is causing behavioural issues than it seems quite reasonable to stop taking it. Re. Theophyllin. I have taken it nearly all my life and wouldnt be without it. It has also helped my son, and although his asthma has improved over the years, the consultant keeps him on it.

I suggest you follow the consultant's advice and let Leo have Theophyllin for a trial period. See how he gets on with it and proceed accordingly. Good luck and let us know how you get on.



My daugther age 9 is on singulair and back in January she saw her consultant who suggested slo-phyllin, due to the severity & frequency of her exacerbations. She has been on it since the middle of February and is doing well with no side effects or major exacerbations.



Hard call i know nothing about the theophyllin.

Martha has been on singuler since she was 6 months old . never noticed any side affects. If she missedit or is poorly and she doesnt take it prop for 3-4 days you hear her wheeze again.

I would have a really good chat with he consultant when you see them nxt.



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