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Hi everyone,

i hope this winter is not being to hard on you all and your kids.

I had to re reg at i can't log in on my old account on my phone and i lost my laptop as its broken


Since my last post and Martha being put back on azitromycine don't think that's spelt right

she has been coping with her triggers much better and only needing

extra inhaler rather than steroids.

I am so glad we seen the different consultant at our app and we have now

changed 2 her. Though she is proving hard to get an app with. But the asthma nurse is sorting it.

She has now officially been diagnose with asthma and broncial hyper reactivity.

She feels she has prob still got damage in her lungs and airways from when she was so poorly

From swine flu and being ventilated.

But touch wood since we been back on the anti bots she has coped so much better.

I do come and read often just don't always get chance to reply now i

only have my mobile.

Take care


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Hi, i'm Kayla i'm new to this forum, sounnds like they're getting things under control for Martha, bless her heart - been through a lot by tht sounds of it.

Hope things will steadily improve for her -

My son,Riley's (6yrs) just been diagnosed with asthma, so everythings new to us - he's taken so well to his inhaler and we see the GP and Asthma nurse in 2 wks (he's had a slight chest infection which is being treated with anti-biotics and he has a blus inhaler for the weeze/coughing at night!but only for week)

Lovely to chat with you

take care





hello Kayla,

welcome to the site. Sorry i have not replied before now had nocomp so only been on on my phone.

Yes she went through alot but she is so much better now and under grest control (touches wood).

Hope your little boy is ok at the moment



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