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Cough and COPD

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Hi folks, hope you all doing as well as possibe :) At the end of November I had a cold which then caused an exacerbation, I had 3 weeks of antiobiotics and steroids, Change of inhaler to Bevispi. Started to feel much better second week of Jan, I just coughed in a morning when I got up but once I had done breathing exercises etc I felt good for the rest of the day. However the last couple of days I have started to cough a fair bit during the day with lots of mucus and the morning cough takes longer to sort, about an hour. I sort of don't feel ill and did a mile walk today but bit concerned this could be yet another exacerbation. I am new to this ( although had bronchitis flare ups for years) before COPD diagnosed. Should I worry that I am coughing during the day and a little at night now or is it part and parcel of the illness. I dont want to let it get bad again but dont want to ask for help if normal. I am so sorry for the long post. I have a rescue pack but dont want to start unnecessarily. Any thoughts of what I can do to get rid of the dreaded cough, at least during the day. Thank you - sorry to ask so much xxx

9 Replies
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I hope someone will be along soon to give you some advice. I don't know enough to do so. Just sending best wishes.

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Good morning. I think these coughs and viruses are becoming very difficult to get rid of. I have had a cough and not been feeling generally well off and on now for a month. I also have lung disease and the coughing affects my breathing. I have had a course of Steroids but still struggling with the cough some days. My doctor just said give it time. Hope you feel better soon. Brian

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Patk1 in reply to Bingo88

The viral coughs r lingering even in people without lung disease,Brian,sometimes for weeks x

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Hello Gladys 27 , you need to speak to your nurse or Gp. But speaking frpom experience I have found that the cough is part and parcel of the illness I have ventolin to control my cough, but warm drinks work well and boiled sweets to such , my sister recommends grated gingerin hot water with honey if you like sweet drinks. Try to detect triggers that make it worse and avoid of course. I am sure others will be along soon with different ideas to try Good luck with relieving it, take care.

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Hi Gladys, I jhave emphysema which comes under the general term COPD and recently had a flare up but was unsure like yourself on what to do, I spoke to the doctor for advice before taking emergency pack. Also as you are on a new inhaler it may not agree with you. Speak to doc. good luck

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As yr able to exercise and walk,I mucous is clean, perhaps wait + u do lung clearance? It's advisable.i find gargling,and tspn honey helps coat throat.lots people struggling thro winter esp post infection,with coughs + mucous x

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Hi! I think a cough is, unfortunately, part of lung disease. I have been prescribed codeine linctus and it really helps me. I was also offered morphine to help with the breathing but I'm allergic!

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Did your GP ask you to give a mucus sample? Maybe you need a different antibiotic.

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Best to look on google: bronchiectasis breathing techniques.

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