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Help needed .. How do you manage Bronchiectasis chest clearance when suffering awful acid reflux?

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Started PPI’ s early last week thought they had kicked in but had bad day yesterday with acid reflux and virtually no sleep last night

Didn’t manage a good clearance yesterday because of it.

Feeling stressed and down as well as an carer for hubby with Parkinson’s who has also just been told his melanoma has now spread to lungs and liver and is too frail for treatment😔

42 Replies
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PS Taking esomeprazole twice daily and Gaviscon Advance …

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hi Phill1, I'm afraid that I cannot help with the drainage or reflux except wondwonderinwondering if any food makes it worse so you could cut out those items.

I do want to say I'm thinking about you especially because of the news about your husband, it must be so very very difficult - stress and anxiety certainly don't help with reflux. P ××

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Hi Phillips.. you have my sympathy.. it feels impossible trying to function when you have reflux and chest problems especially when you're up and down all the time not being able to relax ...I was on Omeprazole for a while but found they didn't help and my GP changed them to Lansoprazole which seemed to help but I also have Gaviscon and now Tums as an extra too when it won't go away..

It's not easy to cope with is it ... it might help to have some Tums in too for quick relief when you need it ..

Plus I've found having some of those little Mint Imperial sweets in .. helps a lot ...

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Phill1 in reply to poppyshola

Hi & thanks for reply

I’ve got some rennies that I’ll try & have been chewing gum which gives some relief at the time but it’s trying to get off to sleep with it that causes the problem.I can manage anything if I get my sleep! 🙄

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Purpled in reply to Phill1

hi, have you tried putting a couple of house bricks under your bed at the end where pillows are it does help. Ask doc for acidex advance as well as your ppi until they have been taken for about a month. Sorry I can’t help with your clearance problem x

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Phill1 in reply to Purpled

I’m propping up with one of those V shaped pillows at the moment and think Gaviscon advance is the same as acidic advance so will ask GP for some…thanks!

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So sorry you are having such an awful time at the moment. i can only send you my sympathy and best wishes. xxx

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Phill1 in reply to Alberta56

thank you 🙏

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Hi Phill 1

I’m on 40 nexium for reflux, and they do help. Try sleeping on 2 Pillows to see would that improve the situation .

Bernardine xxx

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Phill1 in reply to djbctla

thanks I have V pillow that’s helping now 👍

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djbctla in reply to Phill1


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O2Trees in reply to cofdrop-UK

Just to say that the full stops is a creative solution to your current typing difficulty Cof. Do hope someone will sort this out for you. xxx

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cofdrop-UK in reply to O2Trees


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Phill1 in reply to cofdrop-UK

hi I use the aerobika and do autogenic drainage on my side.. It’s settling down a bit. Trying to stay calm with tough times ahead 🤞

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cofdrop-UK in reply to Phill1


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I mean to say I take 40g of nexium per day

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I take lanzanzapole twice daily. But also have a bottle of gaviscon in n in the bathroom for night I also like mint humbugs. Possibly th stress made this flare. My thoughts are with you x

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Phill1 in reply to Oshgosh

Hi Thanks I agree …I think stress is a contributor.. Got the Gaviscon .. settled a little bit fingers crossed x

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you poor thing all your stress isn’t helping your reflux try and stick to a bland white diet potatoes cauliflower chicken white fish etc see if it helps and eat a little and often I know it’s hard when it’s not just yourself you have to think about best of luck xx

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Phill1 in reply to gardenalan

thanks I’m mostly eating bland foods from now until I work out what triggers .. apart from stress…causes the flare…It sadly may be chocolate 🙄

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Purpled in reply to Phill1

swap to dark chocolate Phill x

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Phill1 in reply to Purpled

oooh …nice thought ! I’ll give it a try 👍

Hi Phil, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband diagnosis how awful. There is a lot of stress in your life right now and that will have a massive impact on your gut. I take Omeprazole and Gaviscon advance they definitely help me but I’ve had to change my diet long term for relief as I have gerd induced asthma breathing issues from the acid reflux I eat a low carb diet and have worked out my tummy doesn’t like sugar. You need to start keeping a food diary and try find what foods/drinks triggers you. I also suffer with rhinitis/sinusitis what is much better with this diet. Do you get mucus in your throat from the acid? If you can you need to do some kind of relaxation and get a good nights sleep I know easier said than done. I also recommend ASMR videos it’s surprising helped me in a flare.

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Phill1 in reply to missultraviolet86

Hi …It may have been chocolate that kick started it so I’ll cut down on sugar as well. Don’t get mucus in my throat but would like to know what ASMR videos are ???

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Hi Phill,

I am 79years and have bronchiectasis, also acid reflux which I control with Sodium Bicarbonate, I use Arm and Hammer which comes in small orange boxes and works, a new box every month. Being housebound, amazon is my main supplier. Just half a teaspoon in cold water lasts for a full day, and also helps to protect against colds and flu, I make up a glass in the morning and sip as required, when acid strikes. Forget all the other chemical medications, this works and is perfectly safe. It works on the acid and neutralizes it.

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Phill1 in reply to Calm7

Thank you Calm7 . Sounds like my kind of treatment. Have ordered some from Amazon👍

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The stress in your life is going to make your acid reflux get worse. As has been suggested, diet may be part of the problem. Try to eat small meals regularly, and avoid those foods that make reflux worse - for me they are high fat foods like pastries and fried foods; for others they may be milk products, or high fibre foods. That's why the suggestion above to keep a simple food diary is a good one.

Hoping all the good replies you've had help you find a way to improve this problem as you cope with all the rest.

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Phill1 in reply to Ergendl

Thanks for your good advice..I will keep a diary. Chocolate is a suspect at the moment.. sadly

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I take Omerprazole and sometimes at night I suck on a Rennies, they help. I am so sorry to read the problems your husband is having, it cant be easy coping and sure the stress is contributing to your reflex problems. Sending hugs x

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Phill1 in reply to Izb1

thanks for your hugs.. Have some Rennies I’ll utilize them .. tough times ahead so need to get on top of it

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For my Reflux I have Lansoprazole am and pm, and also take Peptac which is similar to Gaviscon. I find Gaviscon does nowt! Io also carry Rennies :) My reflex is worse with certain foods - cheese for one. I do my chest clearance using the ACB technique that the physios showed me.

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Phill1 in reply to Digger0

that’s interesting Thanks .. Gaviscon used to work for me but not as effective now.. Just ordered some Peptac from Amazon .. fingers crossed

I use the aerobika and Autogenic drainage for clearance

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Phill1 in reply to Digger0

Took Peptac last night and it seemed to work on my acid reflux! Thanks for your advice…🙏This forum is so good😀

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Digger0 in reply to Phill1

Glad it helped :)

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Hope you can get sorted out with the reflux Have you tried a few mini meditation to help de stress ? Sending you gentle hugs 🤗🤗🤗

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Phill1 in reply to watergazer

Thanks.. I like a bit of meditation 😁 but found it difficult when heartburn so aggressive

Settling a little bit now 🤞

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Lansoprazole fixes my reflux and as you probably know that acid is part of the cause of bronchiectasis.

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Hi Phil, so sorry you are feeling bad. Have you any liquid Gaviscon? I have always used the tablets but after the doc prescribed the liquid form I have not had reflux in the night. A result for me. Take a spoonful and sit still for ten minutes before exercising. Good luck, Maximonkey

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Phill1 in reply to Maximonkey

Gaviscon Advance used to work for me but doesn’t at the moment .. so frustrating

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Maximonkey in reply to Phill1

Hi Phill1, sorry it doesn't work for you, however, there must be something the GP can do to help. I would get in touch and ask for help. Take care, Maximonkey

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Phill1 in reply to Maximonkey

settling down a bit now thanks

Except for last night when I took Peptac s advised on this forum. That seemed to work! better than Gaviscon for me.. ( and cheaper) but too soon to be sure 🙏

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