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Update, sputum culture arrived

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So Ive been waiting this long for my culture report to return. Ive now colonized two strains of bacteria This was my report

“Pseudomonas aeruginosa: moderate growth

Staphylococcus aureus: Few colonies

The sample also contained moderate epithelial cells so was not a true representative sample”

The doctor had prescribed me levofloxacin as a standby antibiotic till the sputum report returned, and I continued to take it till now. I dont want to visit my doc now because I am having exams nowadays. Plus, My sputum isn’t green and I feel like I am stable. Maybe I should visit next week?

Has any of you colonised this staph aureus?

I have no words to explain myself rn. Totally confused to what is happening to me. Waiting for your replies.


16 Replies
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If you are feeling well, it probably won't harm to get on with your exams and see the doc if you feel poorly or when you have finished exams. We bronchs will nearly always have a culture come back with one or both of these very common bugs. I am colonised with pseudomonas but haven't needed antibiotics for almost a year because I feel well. It is a mistake to become obsessed with sputum cultures as they don't reflect the true state of our health. Try and get on with things empty your lungs every day and keep an eye on the amount and colour. Otherwise give the sputum tests a miss. Good luck with the exams.

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Littlepom

Thankyou Littlepom ❤️

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I’ve had both those this summer, and continuous antibiotics until finally reduced, when my consultant put me on one daily Azithromycin 250 from 30 September, and at moment feel ok. Suggest you see doctor as soon as can when finished exams. Good luck, best wishes, Jean x

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Morrison10

Im not alone, 😮‍💨 This gave me a relief. I’ll surely see the doctor as I finish the exams. Thank you very much.

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Good luck with your exams x

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Izb1


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Good luck with your exams. Hope you continue to feel reasonably well.

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Ergendl


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I’ve just received results from my last culture which was Staff Aureus & something else can’t recall & GP told me to take my Doxycycline as it was sensitive to that which has helped x

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Otto11

are you pseudomonas colonized?

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Otto11 in reply to Sufferer197104

Not that I know of. This is all new to me x

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Otto11

Best wishes!

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I would agree with everything Littlepom said . I have had staph & coped well . Then I had a long period when nothing showed up in cultures but I knew there was something there & I staggered from one anti biotic to another & finally an IV sorted whatever was “bugging “ me .

I now go on how I feel more than anything

Hope this helps & wishing you all the best with your exams .

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Jk1957

My culture has shown a few colonies of it. I have been taking levofloxacin until my culture showed this bacteria was resistant to it. But I dont feel like I am ill. Anyhow lets wait until my next checkup. Thanks for wishing me luck

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Staph aureus is a really common bacteria and not one of the gram neg nasties like pseudo. It’s nothing to worry about, it lives in the respiratory tract of most people and only causes problems when the numbers get out of hand! It’s usually sensitive to doxycycline and also flucloxacillin. If it’s been there ages and you’ve become weak, it might take several goes to get rid. One winter it caused me ongoing problems and I ended up on fluclox for months! But I have Specific Antibody Deficiency so that’s probably why!

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Sufferer197104 in reply to eleanordigby

Excellent information. I thank you so much for this.

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