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struggling to cope with COPD

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I posted some time ago but feel I need further advice and this forum seems to be the best place to receive it. As yet due to COVID I have yet to have a spirometry test. The doctor just tells me he thinks I have mild COPD and I have a ventolin inhaler to use when I am wheezy. My peak flow is usually around 300 during the day - I take regular excercise swimming and walking. In general my life is normal. BUT I have developed a cough - not constant but very unpleasant - a smokers cough I suppose although I have not been a regular smoker for many years. I cough up thick yellow mucus every time x I can only assume it is to do with my COPD . I do drink warm water with ginger lemon and honey which does seem to alleviate the coughing. I am continually concerned about the future and how this condition will develop. Is there any advice any of you good folks can give me ?

9 Replies
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Hi lvanovna, it might be an idea to get a sputum sample to your GP. It can be sent off to check if anything is going on.

My husband Pete has COPD (chronic bronchitis) and was diagnosed in 2010. He coughs a lot but manages his condition well. Do speak to your doctor and discuss how you feel.

We’re here for you and you’re amongst friends. Xx

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Hi, a good suggestion from sassy. Follow it up too as some surgeries aren't always very good at letting patients know test results.

Another option might be to ask your doctor for a referral to a pulmonary rehabilitation course which will teach you a range of exercises to stay active and also ways of living as healthily as possible with COPD. The exercises can be added to your swimming and walking which will already be helping a lot. Best wishes.

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As sassy has said get a sputum sample to your GP so it can be tested. Otherwise you are doing everything right. Please let us know how you get on. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxxx 🌻🌻

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It sounds as though you may have an infection brewing which needs antibiotics. You GP saying you 'may' have copd just isn't good enough.

Alberta56 profile image

Good luck in following up on those eminently suggestions. Lung conditions develop very slowly if you live a healthy life style. My only advice is don't read Doctor Google- he's put the frighteners on too many people by telling them they are doomed when they are not.

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Thank you all for your reassuring and measured responses - so grateful

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Really good advice from folk on here, thick yellow sputum would indicate an infection in the lung, either viral or bacterial so a sputum test is good thinking.

The other thing which occurs to me is that swimming, potentially in chlorinated water, may not be helping. If your lungs are recovering from Covid then any chlorine in the water when swimming maybe irritating them.

Let us know how you get on getting an answer to the cough and so on.

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Hi. I was diagnosed with COPD 10yrs ago. I was told by my doctors surgery that there will be no more spirometry tests. I relied on these tests to see how things were going on with me. I hope the docs where you are are better than mine. X

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Hi Ivanovna,

I'd get a sputum sample to GP but it seems to me you might also have an infection going on because of its colour.

The ventolin helps me a great deal as when I cough I get exhausted and it does relieve me. You can take more than two inhalations at a time if you are really needing more so may be you need to increase the amount temporarily.

Anyway, I'm sure if you can get to the doctor's or at least give them a sputum sample you will be helped properly.

All the best

Joan x

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