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hmrc scam

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this morning my phone rang an American voice said that it was the HMRC tax and I was being taken to court for none payment of tax to make an arrangement to pay off the debt press one

this is a scam the tax office always writes to you , second they go through security questions first to make sure they're speaking to the right person . And third they don't call from mobile phone systems .

 beware because if you press one to arrange anything they get all my bank details etc

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Thank you for the info Dave. Scammers trying to get us all the time. Take care xxx🥰

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to sassy59

That's why I posted it scammers pick on vulnerable people every chance they get . 👍🏼👍🏼

Thanks for the warning. I had 2 from the dvla about there not being enough funds in my bank to pay for my Road tax. Funny really because I paid it in June!

They just want card details and you lose money you will never see again they are heartless vultures praying on vulnerable people

Yes, I got the same phone call last week. As you point out, don't press one for more information. It's good you are warning the members, Davey xxx

I'm sick of vultures praying on people like us which are vulnerable . Totally soulless well I won't say what I'm thinking 😃 always the vulnerable ones I bet sunak never gets calls

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peege in reply to Daveyboy1963

The head of HMRC was called. I think last year or year before, he kept the bloke on the line while getting colleagues to get involved. I believe they were caught.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to peege

But it still goes on this is crazy . Like I said I got called it's just disgusting

Crafty cretins, how brazen is this. What a world 🌎

Yes but people like Boris and sunak don't get these calls do they 😂😂😂😂

People have to earn my trust, I do not give it freely. What they think about my stance, I just couldn't give a toss.

Tell me about it trust is earnt not given freely it only gets abused 👍🏼

Thanks, thats been going around for a bit plus "your national insurance account has been involved in fraud, the police are about to arrest you unless you deal with it immediately." Press such n such or call such n such. That was scary for a while, several calls over a few week getting progressively more threatening. I'm blocking numbers all the time. Swines

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to peege

Here there's a Microsoft scam aswell so many Greeks lost entire bank account because of it . They are nothing but soulless vultures that need dealing with big time .

Thank you for sharing x


Gosh- American sounding scammers now. My most recent ones have been Far Eastern. xxx

The one the other day definitely American 😂😂😂

When I have time on hand and these calls come in I keep them on the phone and waste their time. I pretend to go along with it and act confused and rather stupid. I give a false name and when they ask if I’m by my computer I say yes, when I’m not.

I kept one on the phone 25 minutes the other day because I had the time available to do so and time prevents them calling other people to scam. Eventually I got fed up with the play along and I told him that he may think I’m stupid but he was the stupid one because I knew all along that he was a scammer! I then put the phone down without waiting for his reply. I guess he was very mad at having had his time wasted!

So guys, if you have the time, string them along.


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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Tempo57

Problem is it is an automated service message with just one response press one. The calls you are actually charged £1.50 a minute.

Thanks for the warning.

No problem these things are becoming more frequent now and we have to watch each other back's

They tried that here a couple of years ago.

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Mavary

I've got an English SIM card so still hitting people in the UK 👍🏼

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Mavary in reply to Daveyboy1963

Oh right! I had a CEO From Walmart messaging me yesterday. I ignored it and now it’s been taken off. I knew it was a scammer. Well hard luck he won’t get anything out of me. If you havent got they can’t have. 😂

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Mavary

Trouble is when it is something regarding tax office people do tend to go into panic mode 😂

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Mavary

Trouble is if it works for them they just keep hitting people and the world is full of vulnerable people

I get my Jack Russell Terrier to yap VERY LOUDLY down the phone.....after they lose their hearing they hang up😉....never fails.

I agree there are many scams about and unfortunately the aged and vulnerable are exploited. As TEMPO 56 says interesting to keep them talking. I had a call regarding an exclusive insurance deal, must be agreed that day to receive discount the ‘voice stated that they worked for the Bank of England’ I asked what next, asked if he wanted my bank details he obviously thought I was stupid and I told him unceremoniously where to go, he put the phone down however I worry about the elderly who can be taken in by these scumbags. I also disagree with my mobile phone number being sold off is anything safe.

Odious…. I just put the phone down, and block the no. when possible.

I always just leave the phone off the hook when scammers call as it then ties up one of their lines for however long I leave it so they cant phone anyone else .sometimes Ive pressed the number and then asked them if their mother is proud of what they do which tends to fluster them. they can only get your bank details if you give them relevant info .

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