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My baby Robin ❤️

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A couple of days ago I responded to another post and told you about the blackbirds and robins in my garden who are pretty tame and make it very clear when they want to be fed ! I mentioned a baby Robin who seems to think I’m his mum and appears as soon as I step into the garden and even wanders into my little retreat ( slightly concerning as there are usually two dogs in there with me but they don’t seem to faze him ). So today I got a decent photo of him and you can just see his red feathers appearing 😃 the blue bit at the bottom of the picture is my knee !

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How beautiful he is and so sweet, thank you for sharing. I love Robins they are my favourite little bird. Have a goodnight and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

They and the blackbirds are my favourites too , I’m never alone in my garden there’s always birds following me around , my husband says I make the bird man of Alcatraz look like an amateur 😂

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Thepainterswife

I get Robins and blackbirds in my garden and the other day I had a beautiful little chaffinch. 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Thank you for that photo Val. I have never seen a baby robin although robins nest in our garden every year.

It’s a first for me Carole although we’ve had robins nesting for years . I thought at first it was a sparrow then thought it wasn’t the right shape so thought it must be a baby thrush but then that would be bigger It did seem to be a Robin minus the red breast so I googled it and apparently the red feathers only appear between 12 -16 weeks old . He appeared about a week ago and the red first appeared yesterday 😃 I absolutely love him but I’m a bit concerned that he’s too trusting , he’s cautious when there are other birds about but not my dogs , luckily they’re used to birds so up to now they’ve ignored him Every day I think I’m not going to feed him and every day I do 🤦🏻‍♀️ I hope you still doing ok xxx

Very sweet little bird and I can see his red feathers. He really likes you which is lovely. Xxx❤️

I absolutely love this photo. I haven't seen a baby robin before. Lucky you and thank you.

You’re welcome , I’m 70 next year and it’s the first one I’ve seen so I thought it was worth sharing 😊

If the baby robin becomes a regular visitor perhaps you could take further photos to record the changes. I envy you and wish i could see it like you. Is the male and female the same colouring do you know or possibly only the cock robin has a colourful breast. Thanks again, I'm intirigued.


Male and female both have the red breast , I think the females are often a bit slimmer than males . I’m wondering now if many of us have seen the juveniles and just not realised they were robins . If you saw him in flight you would take him for a sparrow . I’ll definitely try to photograph his progress. Here’s another one from today for you

His favourite log

Thank you for the extra photo, better watching the birds than television. I shall be looking at the legs of the many sparrows to see if I can spot a robin! Can't wait for the next photo. I find the starlings put off other birds who try to feed and quickly gobble up the bird seed i put out.

It’s strange , I don’t get starlings although I’ve seen hundreds of them just five minutes away from our house 🤷🏻‍♀️ I do have the same problem though with wood pigeons 🙄

always worth looking at. i have been watching the young blackbirds as their plumage changes from brown to get darker until they go black but stopped coming now and female has had second brood raided by the sounds I heard she talks to the youngsters when in the nest and screams when they are attacked . now no sounds except the pigeons who sit on the roof and crap on the windows !

Pigeons are definitely the gangsters in the garden ! I feed them and tolerate them but I wish they would relocate I have plastic spikes on my gate to stop the crapping problem but they’re still a nuisance , I have to force myself to like them 😂

It’s human’s that are the problem messing with everything's natural habitat and food sources. If we had stayed uncivilised bothering no one and eating each other all would be well. 🤷‍♂️


Your robin is beautiful. My mother used to love robin' long, spindly legs.

Do you know I’ve never noticed how long their legs are until I saw this one 😃 I expect when he gets his full adult feathers and chubbier some of his legs will get covered up x

huis shape is distinctive . the sparrows are sturdier but dunnocks look also like sparrows except they have pink legs

I never knew that about the legs 😃 I have loads of sparrow-like birds and have never been able to identify the dunnocks , I shall be on the look out now for pink legs 👀 😂 thank you

they are very quiet little birds and always go round together. Aalways two come to feed of the floor of balcony keep hidden in the undergrowth otherwise . they sound sweeter than a robin too couldn't recognise it for ages i love your little robin/ my robin guards the food on the balcony. regards it as his own I don't get birds in summer s but here is a longtailed tit taken in winter on my balcony they go around in flocks but many less then there was years ago I hear them before see them s-s-s-s-s-s.

long tailed tit on coconut feeder
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Alberta56 in reply to Jaybird19

What a lovelt pic. xxx

Great photo 😃 I’ve had the long tailed tits two years ago , they were brilliant , about six of them used to cover the feeder all at once but they didn’t come last winter 🙁

Dunnocks also have a 'clockwork mouse' way of hopping about looking for tiny titbits. Their beaks are thinner than sparrows'. PS I still call them hedge sparrows. Dunnocks sounds too north country for a southerner. xxx

Now I need to look for a bird with pink legs that moves like a clockwork mouse 🤨😂 Don’t start confusing me with two names I’ve enough problems identifying the flipping bird ! I do agree though Dunnock does sound northern - sounds like something I’d call my husband when he gets on my nerves 😂 xx

I'd better not go into their sex lives. Quite shocking for such a demure looking little bird. Will just mention that there are often threesomes involved.😵😵😵😧🤪 That's me- not them. xxx

😂 🤣 I watched two robins mating last year , there was a lot of faffing about before the actual dirty deed that must have took all of one second talk about “wam bam thank you mam” 😂 it was still the most excitement I’ve had in a long time ! 😂🤣

Wait till you see 3 of them at it. Or perhaps it only happens in Essex. xxx😂😂😂🐦🐦🐣

Now I’m imagining female robins competing for the attention with pumped up beaks and inflated breasts 😂🤣😂. Who knew robins were so promiscuous ??!!!😱😂🤣 xx

I'm getting confused- it's hedge sparrows who go in for 3 on a fence sex. Robins are innocent ok. Sorry to mislead you. xxx

🤦🏻‍♀️ Are they the ones with pink legs who move like clockwork mice ? They have threesomes on a fence ? 😱 I think there are serious gaps in my knowledge of birds 🤨😂 xx

He' so sweet.

Beutifull pickture

You are privileged having so many visitors, I just get one big fat wood-pigeon called Cedric who expects prompt service when the feeder is empty.

Oh I have a few wood pigeons Don 🤦🏻‍♀️ I keep telling them they’re b….. nuisances (I have to put food for all the other birds at one side of the garden then charge to the other side with the pigeons food , then charge back to guard the first lot ) but they just look at me as much as to say “ yeh yeh now give us the food “ They do make me laugh when they fall out though , they sit on the fence batting each other with their wing and giving each other dirty looks 😂

I have a bird feeder that I can see from my recliner chair and I have it set so that it’s very difficult for woodies to reach without them over balancing. Cedric is the only one to have learnt to use his tail to steady himself whilst reaching up at the feeder. The others trying to feed provide me with hours of entertainment. What a simple life I lead these days. 😂

Good though isn’t it Don 😄 I think for most people it’s only when you actually have time to sit for hours and watch birds you realise how clever and entertaining they are . I tend to take a book into the garden and read about half a page in an afternoon because I’m distracted with all the goings on . Last summer I actually witnessed two robins mating , I felt like David Attenborough 🫣 😂

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leo60 in reply to Don_1931

Cedrick 🤣🤣 xx

Beautiful, he is so close, it looks as though you could touch him. Where I live, in a busy London Borough, we used to see sparrows and blackbirds in our little green patches, but I have not seen of heard any birds other than rather raucous pigeons and Canada Geese for about four years now. It is a shame.

I live in a small Midlands village and like you haven't seen sparrows for a long time.A local builder demolished an ancient hedgerow which had protected status and in doing so destroyed our local woodpeckers habitat.

That’s so sad 🥲

That is a shame , I’ve had species disappear , I haven’t seen greenfinches for a few years , but then new species appear , we got nuthatches ( first time I’d ever seen them ) three years ago and they’ve been back every winter since 🤷🏻‍♀️ We used to get loads of collared doves but they’ve been driven out by wood pigeons , apparently they’re in decline all over because of the pigeons 🥲

i lost the green fincjhes Too . they succumbed to a disease and which spread from the infected feeders . never in 50 years have had sparrows here. they live in community altogether and . my sister has a nice fat hedge with a colony of sparrows.

What a lovely photo, thank you for sharing. Like others have said, I’ve never knowingly seen a baby Robin before.

We shall all be looking out for them now 😄

Wow what a beautiful photo.He /she is gorgeous -you have made my day.

Hopefully I will be able to get more photos as he transitions into adulthood 🤞😊

I look forward to seeing them x

How gorgeous I love Robins

They are cute little things aren’t they 😊

I have one the same! He greets me every morning waiting for his little stash of food


They’re so sweet aren’t they 🥰

Just adorable 😍🥰xx

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Alberta56 in reply to Lynnetp

AAh! Isn't he bold. xxx

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Lynnetp in reply to Alberta56

He is! He’s taken food from my hand 🥰xx

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Jaybird19 in reply to Lynnetp

that is lovely . the young robins always look wide eyed and surprised at their new world

Good morning Thepainterswife. What a lovely picture and a friend who comes to see you each day. So cute. Hope your day goes well. Brian

Thank you Brian , I’m just having breakfast before going out to give him his 😊

How lovely. Its a beautiful morning again. But so sad they still not had rain down the south. Hope your day goes well

Tip for Robins in your garden - they dont like feeders, they prefer to eat off flat surfaces

Yes I always feed robins and blackbirds on the ground . Because it’s summer it’s the only feed im putting out right now , just bits in various locations around the garden . In winter at least four feeders will go up on a washing line and the ground table feeder ( and cage to keep the pigeons off 🙄) will come out of the shed 😊 It costs me a fortune to feed them in winter 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Aaaw thats so sweet and so privileged to have this relationship. I hardly see any little birds in my garden now, all we have is the pigeons, magpies and crows with the occasional sea gull. I dont know what has happened to all the birds but the garden is far too quiet and i really miss seeing them. Enjoy whilst you can x

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Thepainterswife in reply to Izb1

I don’t have half as many now as in winter when the chafinches, goldfinch , wagtails etc etc arrive but I’m in a FB group for wildlife gardening and so many people are posting the lack of birds and also bees and butterflies compared to previous years 🥲 it’s so sad and slightly scary - what is happening?? My garden has had a few incarnations over the past twenty years from food produce to childrens play area but it’s now completely given over to wildlife , it’s small but has a couple of very small ponds ( my grandson calls them puddles 😂) , logs , long grass , bee houses , thick hedges etc etc and I must admit the wildlife increases year on year 😊

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Izb1 in reply to Thepainterswife

They have now banned slug pellets which I think must have had something to do with the sudden decline. When younger the roofs used to be lined with birds when I came home from work, now there are none, which is really worrying. So glad you have turned your garden over to the wildlife, it must be wonderful to see x

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Thepainterswife in reply to Izb1

I love the look of my garden , it’s a bit wild but over the past four years since I retired I’ve worked to make it wildlife friendly and I’ve been rewarded with all these lovely birds , squirrels, field mice , frogs ( not my favourite but 🤷🏻‍♀️) hedgehogs etc . I never use poisons and get next to no damage because ( presumably) there’s a good balance of predators to “pests” The worst I get is notches in leaves from the leaf cutter bees but i can live with that and they don’t do any permanent damage to the plants 😊 I’m so pleased the pellets have been banned too 😊

Just a little corner in a very little garden 😊
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Izb1 in reply to Thepainterswife

It looks beautiful, well done you x


He is so cute, hope he stays with you into adulthood. Thank you for the photo Val xxx

You’re welcome 😊 I hope he stays too , I think he must have been born in the hedge and he doesn’t seem to wander out of the garden at all 😃

He must feel it's his sanctuary xxx 🐦🐦🐦

I think he does 😊

How lovely x

Thank you 😊

So cute. Thank you for sharing We’ve stopped feeding the birds for a while as the starlings took over and scared off all the others. We want to discourage them as we had one stick in the chimney for a day We eventually got him out. He looked more like a blackbird by then though.

😂 poor bird . I don’t get starlings ( not sure why 🤔) but five minutes walk away I recently saw massive numbers of them feeding on a flat roof . My garden backs onto open countryside although the front of the house is on quite a busy road , I wonder if starlings prefer more urban areas ?? 🤔

We haven’t lived here long and it’s a very rural area. It was great we had blue tits nesting and another young family in the garden and baby blackbirds who did like to dig up the garden but we forgave them that And then came the starlings in their droves. Food all goes in five minutes flat they make a noise and a mess and then we realised the other birds weren’t coming any more. They still gather on the roofs and aerials around watching for the feeders to be refilled but we are resisting at the moment. Enjoy your little robin hopefully he will stick around.

Thank you , I hope you’re starlings don’t 🤞😊

What a lucky little bird,being fed his breakfast,Last year we had the most entertaining time watching our nesting box.It became obvious that our Mr Robin had two wives.The first would start filling box with nesting material, Next day another would come and empty it all out.and start to fill it with its own furnishings.This carried on for a couple of weeks,in the end we did not get any eggs at all.but lots of entertainment.Thank you for youre photo to remind me about it . Rose x

Omg that’s brilliant 😂🤣 who needs soap operas when you have birds ! I’ve had bird boxes and pockets for years I’ve even got a terrace for the sparrows and never ever have any of them been used they seem to prefer the gaps in spiky hedges or ( for the robins and wrens) tucked into the ivy behind drain pipes 🙄😂

So sweet! I have to say the robins and blackbirds are my favourites too. A couple of years ago I had a couple of collard doves fledge in my garden. The parents left them on my washing line during the day and I was able to hang my washing around them! Later one of them would curl up and sleep in the bird feeder, much to the annoyance of the other birds! Xx

Young collared dove

😂🤣😂 that’s so cute , I bet the others were livid 🤣

They were! Xx

Adorable little fellow.

Beautiful. I have never seen a baby Robin before 🐞

Neither had I until a week ago 😃

it seems my recent post has invaded your post too . sorry about that will contact HU again

?? I’m not sure what you mean , I haven’t noticed anything untoward 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Nice picture of your knee Wifey! Robin is pretty special too. Best wishes Diane 😊


Aww so cute 😍

Oh. I have just seen this. It’s so beautiful. You must exude so much unobtrusive calm for him to trust you that much. Grace

My husband wouldn’t agree 😂 but yes I suppose when I’m in the garden I am very calm Val 😊

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