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Scam warning

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Yesterday I had a phone call from a lady claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service. She had a very thick far eastern accent and the line was bad so I found it hard to make out what she was saying. She claimed i had a contract with the TPS and she needed to confirm that my credit card number was right. She reeled off a number which did sound like my credit card no. I refused to confirm my credit card no. because 1) I've never joined the TPS, 2) I thought it was free anyway. In the end I put the phone down. I phoned my card provider and was told that there had been no transactions on my card since the last one I made. I checked that the TPS is indeed free. I don't know if this is what is called phishing. Feel I listened to her far too long before deciding she was not on the level, but it was worrying to think someone might have intercepted one of my online transactions. I hope none of you will be plagued by far eastern ladies looking for victims.

20 Replies
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Thank you for the warning Alberta and you did the right thing. It’s terrible what these dreadful people think they can get away with. Stay safe. Xxx❤️💜

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I’m glad you didn’t give anything away! There are lots of dodgy scams around though!

My dad got caught with one of those ‘£5 coins’ for something and ended up paying about £700…I literally had to phone up loads of people and write all sorts of letters on his behalf to make them stop sending him things and take him off mailing lists because he kept thinking they were giving him £100 free. It was a nightmare! Be careful of those too….from the newspapers and magazines!

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Ergendl in reply to madonbrew

My dad got caught up in a version of those. He kept 'winning' really cheap jewellery for large amounts of money. My brother stopped it eventually after taking power of attorney.

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Alberta56 in reply to madonbrew

Oh dear- what a lot of unnecessary work for you. Glad you did manage to get it sorted, but wish these horrible people would go away. To Mars or further preferably. xxx

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Thanks Alberta56. I'm sure she managed to catch people less savvy than you. It's just awful.

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Alberta56 in reply to peege

I don't feel that savvy having listened to the woman for so long.. Hope it's just the heat slowing my brain.

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Hi all, A wise person advised me, if a caller says "can you confirm", your Address, Name or card details etc." it means they do not have this and are fishing for the information and it's a scam, Best just to end the call and block the number.

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Thanx 4 warning

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Thanks for the heads up Alberta , I’ve had numerous scam calls, messages and E mails but this is a new one on me . There seems to be a never ending stream of them .

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That’s a new one to me. Thanks for sharing x

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Im so glad you dident fall for her lies. And just think all the while she was talking to you she wasent scaming somone elc, well done you may have saved a victum. I usualy kerp them on the line as ling as i can if im not bussy . Thank you for the warning

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I've been with TPS (free) for many years but to be honest it hasn't done it's job. Apparently all calls from foreign call centres can get through.

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Thepainterswife in reply to Tykelady

I’m not with TPS but I’ve noticed recently that my phone that has caller display now says “No ID out of range “and that pretty much guarantees that the call is coming from thousands of miles away so more than likely a call centre My brother lives in the canaries and his number comes up so it doesn’t apply to Europe .

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Thanks for the warning and well done for not falling for this, they are never ending x

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What will they think of next. Well done for putting the phone down.

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When I get phone calls like this and they ask for confirmation of any details, I always ask what they have got. They soon put the phone down on me.

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Thank you Alberta 56, its getting ridiculous, TPS is supposed to be free but it does not work anyway. If you have been subjected to scams like myself there seems no end to how low these people will stoop and every call becomes a stress, i actually have to give people a time to ring me so I know its them. Remember if you pay by card they can just keep taking the money they say you owe. What a crazy world we now live in.

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Anyone who asks me for money over the phone is on a hiding to nothing, it's not going to happen!! Only if I've ordered something or sanctioned the payment for some other purchase will I pay out..

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Thank you for sharing Alberta. Thank goodness you didn't fall for it, well done xx

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Thanks for sharing- so many awful scams about! X

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