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Just my luck!

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Been waiting for my Spring Booster and had it a fortnight ago would you believe after dodging Covid for 2 years the following week I tested positive! Felt rough when I had it and it was showing positive for 6 whole days finally got a negative test Saturday. Just had to share with you!

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That’s awful Maugie and thank goodness you’ve tested negative now. Take good care of yourself. Stay safe. Xxx

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Maugie in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy59 I am taking it steady and feel extra tired this week but onward & upward Take care

It seems to be happening to quite a lot of people who have evaded it for 2 years. I hope that you are feeling better now.

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Maugie in reply to CDPO16

Thank you you're right I know quite a few people who have evaded it until now! Just feel extra tired this week. So I'll take that! take care

This is a warning to all of us who have avoided covid so far. Do hope you feel properly better soon. :)

I hope you recover fully soon.

Thank you so much I'm not feeling bad considering 😏

hope you feel better soon but it was bound to happen sometime only 30 at last count not had it yet, and my stepdaughter in law has just got it for the second time. but she hadbnt been avoiding other people as much as some of us.

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Maugie in reply to Jaybird19

you're right it was inevitable but most of us have been avoiding people since the beginning. Not many people wearing masks though but I will for as long as I feel I need to. Don't want it again - we all have enough on our plates don't we. Take care

Ditto here.

Thats such bad luck Maugie. I hope you're alright now but take it easy wont you. P

The ONS tell me I have high levels of immunity and seem to be teflon coated to covid. 14 days ago I traveled for 4 hours in a car with three people who tested positive within hours of the journey and yet did not get infected. Lol however my grandson did give me nits following an outbreak at his school.

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Fleurbaby in reply to Badbessie

I am the same, covid has been through the whole resthome, both residents and staff, all getting covid at least once! Everyone made it through the isolation, but, sadly, a few have since died, obviously, covid weakened them badly !

Sorry to hear you have had the dreaded covid Maugie but pleased to read you have now had a clear reading. I do think we will all get covid at some point even though we have avoided it for 2 years, luckily the strain is now mild and alot of people are reporting it as just like a cold. I think with all the rules relaxed and people not having to isolate is just encouraging the virus to run rampant, not good for us lunggies. Look after yourself and plenty of tlc x

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Maugie in reply to Izb1

You are right I am so glad I'd had my 4th Jab as I might have been worse than I was. I'm continuing with the tlc I find it works wonders. You take care too!

Typical. Hope you get well soon x

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Maugie in reply to Otto11

Yeh I must admit I was feeling good about dodging Covid but last week brought me down to earth 😏

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Otto11 in reply to Maugie

🙁 take care x

Covid is rife Fortunately it’s not as bad if you’ve been jabbed. I avoided it for 2 years too then got it. Glad you’re okay now. Xx

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Maugie in reply to watergazer

Thanks so much I'm relieved that it didn't affect me worse than it did! take care x

Sorry to hear you were ill with the dreaded covid. So pleased you are recovered :) I am still waiting for my spring booster :(

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Maugie in reply to JJ_7

Hope you get the Booster soon Take care

I hope you recover soon. It can leave you exhausted. It seems that after nearly two years of shielding we only have to poke our noses beyond the front door and wham! Apparently, the virus is weakening so the symptoms aren't so bad but it's even more infectious.

So annoying after being careful for 2 years, but it's seems inevitable with all precautions dropped. Thankfully, you have come through it all, hoping you are feeling better and taking lots of rest. Take care and thanks for sharing xxx 😊

Aawww your poor thing and you escaped covid for a while. I hope you are okay. Just rest yourself as much as you can. I hope you will be alright and I send you warm wishes for your health.

that was bad luck. I'm glad you've recovered.

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