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Does anyone else fall asleep a lot during the day?

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I'm really bad for it. If I sit down in the afternoon/evenings I can't keep my eyes open. Worse thing is I don't even know I'm nodding off sometimes. Lost count of the times I've woken up with a drink spilled all over me because I've fallen asleep with it in my hand.

I've been tested for Narcolepsy, low B12 and sleep apnea and I don't have any of them issues. I just suffer from asthma.

Just like to know if anyone else suffers with fatigue like this.

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I can sometimes doze off during the day but not very often. I wouldn't worry about it, but you could always ring the NHS help line if you are worried. Hope this helps, have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Pete sleeps quite a lot during the day but tries not to. He doesn’t sleep well as has prostate problems so it’s understandable really. I hope you can find a solution to your problem. Xxx

I try not to sleep during the day so that I have a better night's sleep later, but I do still succumb at times. When I struggle to keep my eyes open during the day, I go to a specific place in my house, the bench sofa in my relatively dark music room, and nap there for about 10 to 30 minutes, sitting upright with my feet up. Then I am refreshed for the rest of the day.I used to have an afternoon nap in bed for about 2 hours nearly every day, but that used to wipe me out for the rest of the day so I try not to get too comfortable when I nap.

Having a lung problem can be very tiring. I also have chronic low level pain from arthritis and old injuries, which is why I rarely have a good night's sleep.

Hi Mrslong. I have found that as I get older I get tired in the afternoons. I have ulcerative colitis as well as lung disease and both seem to tire me I try not to sleep as I won’t sleep well at night Do you sleep well at night as well ? X

I do nod off for perhaps a quarter of an hour or so. Never did before my husband died about two months ago. x

I do. For many years. It wasn’t as bad, but last year a blood test done by rheumatology showed my b12 was very low. Since then I’ve had injections every 8 weeks which improved it. I had Covid last month and I’m back to dropping off randomly at any time of the day!

If I'm at home sitting in my chair, I often nod off. I went to see Evita at a local theatre on Saturday afternoon and managed to nod off there for a couple of minutes too! I have been like this for years - long before I was diagnosed with anything! I once slept for a few minutes standing up in the Uni library, leaning against a bookshelf. We were being given a very boring talk at the end of a very busy week so not surprising really. I also managed to fall asleep some years ago when sitting in the FRONT ROW of the previously mentioned theatre during The Importance of Being Ernest. Famous actress taking the lead probably saw me as she was centre front and so was I!

No one has ever suggested that I have a condition that would make me sleep like this. My husband once asked our GP about it and he agreed then that the meds I was taking may cause me to be more sleepy, but I'm not on those any more.

I'm usually fine if I'm out and about or in company, but given five minutes on my own in a warm room (including waiting rooms!) and I'm off in the land of Nod. And yes, I do sometimes snore and dribble! Embarrassing? Sometimes. Do I care? Not really. I enjoy a good nap - it's better than not being able to sleep at all!

xx Moy

Interesting. I have to Nebulise twice a day, takes over hour each time, and I sometimes drop off to sleep. Doesn’t usually happen at other times, despite often being short of sleep. I still wake up at 6, time I did when working 20 years ago, but I’m told that as get older need more sleep, not easy when have busy life. Have occasionally gone to sleep watching TV, but usually in bed by 11.30. Wouldn’t worry too much if started to doze in day if felt ok afterwards as don’t sleep very well at night. xx

Hi MrsLong, I just read your post and I can identify with you 100%. It is happening more and more. I'm watching TV, them I wake up, not knowing that I fallen asleep. This could happen 4 times in one day or it may not happen for 3 or 4 days. There is no rhyme nor reason for this. Same medication, it started before I was diagnosed (to a lesser degree) with Emphysema last year, but I am at the top range 63% functioning.

Sometimes I am drifting in and out watching tv or listening to the radio and I try to fight it but to no avail. It isn't normal and that is my opinion.

So two different types of nodding off. Number 1 - I know that it is happening to me but I've no control over it and mostly the 2nd one - Awake one minute

and no notion that I have fallen asleep - I wake up and I don't know if I have

been asleep 5 minutes or 1 hour. This happens while I am sitting up. The not knowing what it is, does concern me a bit.

At one stage I told a Locum about this and he said "It seems you are losing consciousness " and not just nodding off. Full Blood Picture was done and everything must of been fine because I have heard from no one and that was last year. Thanks in advance for any advice. Full Blood Picture was done before I seen the locum but the Nurse put the gadget to measure oxygen and I don't know what the reading was, but he sent me to the Locum and he ordered an ECG.

May I add, that visit in particular was only to see the nurse and get bloods done but because of the oximeter reading he went in to see the Locum who in turn suggested the ECG or EEG whatever you call it.

Also I don't feel tired when I pass out, or when I am trying to fight it when I am aware of it. Strange but true.

Absolutely I can nod off in the afternoons no problem at all ...I don't sleep much at night so a little snooze is beneficial for me generally about 30 mins if I have that 💙

Yes I am a day napper too! I can't keep my eyes open and by the evening I am completely zonked out. I've been told it's a combination of having bronchiectasis and rheumatoid disease. It's really frustrating but I think you just have to listen to your body, if you feel like resting go with it.

Hello Mrs. Long, Your post rang a bell with me. Gosh, I thought, someone else with my problem. Guess why I haven't replied sooner- a combination of being busy and being zonked out. I inevitably fall asleep after lunch, not just a doze but a deep sleep, and always in the evening often for as much as 2 hours.. Result is I'm quite lively about midnight and can't get to sleep in bed. I can fall asleep while reading, while using the laptop or while drinking coffee. Luckily my husband usually wakes me up- I've only spilt coffee once so far. I've been tested for sleep apnoea with no result. I wish I knew of a way to break the cycle; if you find one please let me know. Good

Yes every day ... I put mine down to pain from IBS etc.. so many times I've taken myself to bed with a hot water bottle for my tummy and a cup of coffee to warm my insides and oops .. coffee all over my duvet grr .. another new duvet required 😏. Not every time in bed though or with a drink sometimes I will be sitting in a chair and I just go .. sometimes I've dropped my phone or tablet but often the thud will wake me up again .. years ago I had to reduce my hours at work because I would fall asleep at my desk but I changed to part time and still fell asleep at my desk, briefly on a bus and once even standing waiting at a bus stop, I'm guessing it wasn't for too long at the bus stop but I didn't know until I woke up

Hi, just came across your post and I am going through the same thing and it is getting worse. I would be sitting using my laptop and the next minute I waken up and I don't know if I have been asleep 15 seconds, 15 minutes or longer.Also I would be watching tv and wake up and I don't know how long I have been asleep. It could happen up to 4 times a day. It may not happen at all for a day or more. I just never ever know. Sometimes I know when I am going to sleep. I try and fight it but have no control, it is concerning. Got my bloods done last Friday but no results yet. I have mild COPD and take my 24 hour inhaler every day. I am afraid if I put something in the oven that I may fall asleep. It seems to be getting worse. It only happens when I am sitting down and that is most of the day. I am a young 67 year old female. I just need to get to the bottom of this.

When my breathing was really bad a year ago I used to instantly fall asleep without warning no matter what I was doing. Fell off chairs and the couch numerous times and hit my head off my desk when sitting working at the computer. Docs didn't seem worried until I was taken in to hospital where they put me on oxygen and did an arterial blood test. twice! showed my lungs were really labouring. Don't think it is a problem if you feel sleepy and then fall asleep - its the instant sleep without warning that may show up a problem.

Yes, I do. I have had problems with just nodding off, throughout my adult life. When I had an eating disorder, i assumed it was related to blood sugar levels. Now, I don't know. I nod off in the car (I don't drive), and I nod off at random times during the day. The sleep is preceded by an overwhelming feeling of tiredness, and I literally cannot keep my eyes open.

Goodness me , ! I thought I was just getting old when I fall asleep . Usually mid morning after breakfast ( and I only have some toast) Usually wake early these days at 5.30 and go to bed late. Wish I could sleep later and not need to catch up on sleep . Still think it's all to do with age -

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