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Combining inhalers

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I’ve had a most enlightening convo with my GP. Long story short, I wasn’t able to take my Braltus inhaler for a week alongside my Fostair 200 in the mornings. I had been experiencing real SOB for around a year… just climbing the stairs left me gasping for breath. V frightening. So to go without the Braltus was scary in itself….would I be even worse? No. My breathing has improved by at least 60/70% this past week. Hardly needed my Ventolin. My doc told me y’day that it can be how the medicine is delivered in inhalers that can cause problems and this was likely the case for me. Told me to stop taking it and I can’t believe the difference. Moral is if a new inhaler isn’t having the desired effect, please question if it’s wise to continue with it. I didn’t have a clue that an inhaler could cause the very problem I believed it would relieve. Much love, Poll x

16 Replies
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I’m pleased you found out about your inhaler. It’s good to know these things. I’ll keep an eye on Pete as he has Salumol inhaler now instead of Ventolin. See how it goes. Xxx

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What stopped you from using your braltus for a week? Did you find that it had helped you when it was first prescribed? I have often found that an inhaler made me significantly worse and stopped using it after a week or two. I'm glad that you felt so much better when you stopped using the braltus, the difference you have felt is quite amazing.

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Polly-PV in reply to CDPO16

A mix up with my repeat script x

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CDPO16 in reply to Polly-PV

That mix up did you a favour x

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Polly-PV in reply to CDPO16

You’re right!

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Some inhalers make my chest tighter , yet other people are fine with them .

in reply to knitter

Me too...symbicort for one... had to stop using it.

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jacartist in reply to knitter

I'm finding that with Pulmicort steroid inhaler. Been on it (again! I keep trying because they keep nagging) for 5 weeks now and my breathing is okay all day until I take the one before bed, and then I need my Bricanyl. The one in the morning still makes my breathing tight but I can work through that one because I'm walking about. The one at night I cannot leave off because I lie down in bed and am immediately struggling for breath. I cannot seem to get the asthma nurse to understand this simple fact.

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My husband had a similar problem with relvar & incruse ellipta. The consultant prescribed them in July & they made him worse if anything.

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I had the same problem years ago and my old gp just wouldnt have it when I told her that the inhalers were making me worse. I now take them when I feel my chest needs it. Good that you found this out x

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Polly-PV in reply to Izb1

Absolutely! X

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Good news for you polly-PV x

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Polly-PV in reply to watergazer

Yes it is but I would not have discovered this if I had carried on with the Braltus on a daily basis.

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I was on Ventolin for many years after first being diagnosed with asthma. My asthma was very bad throughout my 20's and then, after admission into hospital for pneumonia, they found that I was actually allergic to the propellant used in the Ventolin inhaler, and with every dose it was causing a build-up of fluid in my lungs. I was switched to Bricanyl, a dry powder inhaler, and started to improve from that point.

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Polly-PV in reply to jacartist

Good heavens….that’s shocking! The very thing we rely on to relieve SOB in the moment was making you worse! 😱

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Just been on Fostair for two weeks. Was previously on Relvar and doing well but swapped to Fostair so I could use it with a spacer. Asthma deteriorated dramatically. I’ve been three years pretty much symptom free on Relvar. Back to Relvar 👍

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