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Feeling shakey immediately after Fostair dose

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Hello, I’m on Fostair 100/6 and take 1-2 puffs twice a day depending on my symptoms. When I take 2 puffs in one go I feel jittery for about 30 minutes afterwards and wondered if anyone found strategies to help with this please? Thank you in advance

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I have never taken fostair, but some inhaler have made me a bit shaky. Could you maybe leave 15-30 minutes between first and second puff?

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Oo that’s good thinking teddyd , thank you!

I time my morning dose for just before I leave the house. If it's the weekend I go for a walk anyway. That's dissipates the shakes. I mentioned it to the asthma nurse and she said it's the steroid and would happen whichever I inhaler I took.

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I think this could help me - thanks for suggesting JenniferW

Hi there, I have the same experience so space the doses out. Instead of two in the morning and two in the evening I take them at 8am, 12noon 4pm and 8pm.

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Ok, thanks Vangoco , I will ask the nurse about spacing

HiI’ve been on the same dose of Fostair since November. Like yourself, I get shakey hands for about half an hour. I’m pleased to say that over time this has got better and some days I don’t notice it at all. Hopefully once your body gets used to it this will improve. I also get cramps in my lower legs some nights which also seems to be a side effect of this medication but thankfully it doesn’t last long. I was on Becotide and then Flixotide for many years and never had these side effects. However, the Fostair is controlling my asthma much better. Hopefully if you bear with it, things will improve 😊

Me too. Started it 4 months ago, shakes really bad at first and have slowly gotten better. Still have occasionally shaky days but worth it as my breathing has been so much better on it.🤗

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Ok, that is reassuring to know, thank you Collienut

Thanks Healingasthma yes, maybe I vary the dose too much and don’t give it a chance for my body to get used to it.Regarding the cramps, I picked up on this forum about taking magnesium supplements (as starting Fostair coincided with awful leg cramps in the morning for me) the magnesium totally resolves cramps for me. I ran out of magnesium recently and they returned with a vengeance so I just make sure to keep up with 300mg per day (I’m not a dr though so you might want check with yours before trying)

Thank you. I actually do take magnesium with other supplements anyway. Maybe that’s why the cramps don’t last long😁

It is a known side effect (bnf.nice.org.uk/drugs/formo..., but I understand that the problem can ease with use.

I get the shakes too, but I’ve been on Fostair since 2018 and they are getting worse. It’s definitely the inhaler causing it because of the timing. I mentioned it to a nurse at Asthma UK and she suggested, as others here already have, staggering the doses to just take one at a time with at least 2 hours between them. She also said I was probably one of the people susceptible to formotorol and to try one of the many inhalers that doesn’t include it. I also feel shaky after two doses of Ventolin but haven’t checked the ingredients yet.

Ah sorry to hear that. Very frustrating! Thank you for your suggestion

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