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Covid meds

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So only gone and caught bloomin Rona 🥴. Covid dispatch team just rang asking if I wanted to be prescribed antiviral treatment or if I feel my immune is fighting it? Sorry but how the heck do I know that??? I said I'm terrified given I'm still living with long covid from 2019. She said the meds have no impact on long covid. I said my sats are normally 100% they're 90%, of was 470 on spirometry on 24th june now 300, feel like got a temp but no temp sweat dripping off me. Banging head. In the end I said yes to covid meds but was I wrong? Should I have said no and saved it for someone worse than me? The pharmacist will be calling to discuss which treatment my gp already said yesterday the nmabs infusion. I feel really guilty and bad now! X

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Dont feel guilty if your poorly you clearly need something and we have plenty here for everyone. Its peace of mind to have in incase you feel worse. Wishin you get well wishes x

If I contract Covid I would welcome antivirals with open arm! Be happy they prescribed them to you and take them when they arrive. Many people here are unable to access them despite assurances they would be available.Absolutely no reason to feel guilty and hope you feel much better soon.

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I am it was more them asking me If I need it I don't know as I don't examine covid positive people so wouldn't know... its arriving this evening but she wouldn't tell me what the drug is or anything... 2 of 1 and 1 of the other for 5 days and can't take some of my other meds while on it is all I know at this moment in time. She just made me feel really bad for saying "yes" to it. At least my gp was supportive yesterday.

NMABS is an infusion the infusion takes 30 mins and then 10 mins or so for saline and then some monitoring (plus setting up and taking down time) the whole process takes about 2 hours .... i had 2 very lovely nurses from the IV team do mine on a Saturday.... they did come in full ppe (masks, gowns, gloves the lot)

But once we got going and talking there was only the last bit that was boring which was talking and monitoring for a bit


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I've been reading the info on paxlovid it reacts with so many meds particularly copd and asthma meds which could be a reason maybe people are not getting it? Also pharmacists can now prescribe it so more people can access it as prior the waiting list was too long people were missing the window. Also it states if your not eligible sign up for the panoramic trial if underlying health condition to access antiviral that way. From what I gather it's not the diagnosis or prognosis that makes you eligible it's the ongoing treatment your on. So for me not the biologics of other meds but the prolonged prednisolone for past 2.5 years. That's my understanding anyway. Hope that helps.

I’ve just been covid positive this past week and was offered antivirals after shielding and being immune comprised. It was 2 tablets and 1 of another for 5days, other than giving me a horrid metal taste in my mouth I was really glad to be taking them and knowing I had something that could help to reduce the effects of having covid. Sorry you were made to feel bad, if your gp was supportive of you having them I’d listen to the advice of someone who knows you. Hope you feel better soon

Aww thank you hope your not too rough either my head is banging, and chest tight with bad pins an needles in feet. X

Think I’m over the worst of it, my chest was definitely where I felt it worst and had tight chest. So have needed steroids but everyone I’ve spoken to said they would expect that. Hope you don’t feel too rough x

Aww its rotten isn't it. I actually managed to get some sleep last night without coughing. Hope I don't have to increase my pred anything above what I'm on causes even more issues 🥴. I really feel like I could sleep for a week but i don't think my 4 year old will allow it 😆🤣

No absolutely not and I had covid and NMABS in January..... I looked up online how much it costs and it wasn't cheap... I decided if someone was willing to prescribe it the possible alternative was much worse and costly to the NHS

So I was doing myself a favour by giving myself something like a 85% chance of getting no worse and potentially saving the NHS as if I did get worse hospital treatment would be much more costly ...I don't see how that's not a Win /win situation

So don't feel bad it's the right decision

Thank you its horrid when your made to feel bad. So they haven't given me the infusion I've got paxlovid antiviral treatment. They just said they see 40 positive patients a day and maybe 4 may need a little help. Fingers crossed it does the trick. X

Yes my understanding of the antivirals is that they stop the covid virus spreading by doing something to the spike protein (I may be wrong) ... effectively it tries to spread fails miserably burns itself out doing so and then what's left if anything is finished off by your immune system

Hi I’m on oxlair injections and a host of other asthma meds. The only thing I had to stop was the domperidone. The antiviral tablets worked. However for me once I’d finished the course of anti-viral tablets I had what was called rebound Covid. I had awful taste in my mouth and bad dizziness and nausea.

Ah now I've heard about this rebound covid can you explain a bit more? I have this god awful taste in my mouth. Today tested negative after 2 doses of antiviral maybe coincidence....

Hi the taste is awful but added in with nausea & dizziness I shudder to think if this was after 3 vaccinations who I would have been without them! Once I finished the antivirals I felt bad worse! When I spoke to pharmacist I was told well they are also symptoms of COVID. I caught it on the 19/6/22 and still off work with headaches, fatigue and nausea today 08/06/2022. The rebound is explained here

Thanks for that, just read it nothing is straight forward is it!! I also can't believe how similar this strain is to allergies so hard to pick apart. And I just thought I was having cluster migraines again. My taste went funny but does with hayfever an been feeling rotten but put it down to starting biologics 10 days or so ago. 🤦🏽‍♀️ only now taste fully gone and awful taste constantly there with fatigue. But hoping maybe rather naively to be back at work sun... as long as test is negative that's our policy expected to return. Thanks for that link.

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