About asperger-syndrome.me.uk

Hi there my name is Lee and i run a help and support website called asperger-syndrome.me.uk.

the only reason We wrote this site is because when we found out our Son had Asperger Syndrome and my wife and I found it quite hard to find out information regarding the condition and information regarding help and support. So we decided to search the net as well as use various books plus added the little information we received from the doctor

over time we have learned where to find help and support and learned the right questions to ask ect. We decided to pass all information on to others and try to make the aspergers ride as easy as possible

If you have a question i am always happy to try and help and answer it.


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  • thank you

  • My son is 6yrs and was diagnosed last summer with AS. It has been a lengthy process and a battle to be heard. Since the diagnosed lots of doors have now opened to support to make day to day life manageable for our son which was always our main aim.

    Its hard finding detailed information about AS so I really enjoyed and appreciated your website. Thank you.

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