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Asperger Syndrome
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Another older person with Aspergers got in to terrible situation

I have just joined this community but know I have Aspergers. I am a doctor, recently in big trouble with the police for doing something that most others don't understand.

I have been high achieving in sport, business and academic , but now crashed down with legal problems ; convicted of malicious communication, for contacting someone when I was in a life threatening situation. Consequences enormous £1m loss, family destroyed, cycle accident with near fatal head injury ( I also am on Headway), shame humiliation , very suicidal, but that would be awful for all I love.

Anyone want to chat

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Hi im another "older" Aspie there are some of us about.

I'm always open to a chat.


how did you get diagnosed ? self or hospital evaluation

?any good treatments


My area has an adult Services Autism team Run by Council/NHS that "Diagnose" you and have a monthly evening Group elsewhere now.

There very good helped finding out things about me like putting lids/labels on things!

But also ways to make sense of things&me as having other illnesses Know bits that Aspergers makes worse/effects it and vice versa things like cold.

The Electric shocks are ok just ruins my hairstyle as frizzled now!!!:-)

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Lucky you have hair - I always find something to envy!

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This is sounding like Samaritans.

I'm guessing from the way you phrased it that you aren't diagnosed with Asperger's (or ASD as the diagnosis would be now). I'm wondering whether your solicitor/barrister felt that without proof they couldn't raise it, or if you only realised afterwards. I'm also guessing that you either didn't get jail or served a short sentence, and that you've explored the possibility of appeal and been advised that you don't have sufficient grounds or that a successful appeal would be very unlikely.

I'm not sure what the link is between the malicious communication and the cycling accident. It almost sounds as if a lot of things happened very quickly and some of them are unrelated.

I hear what you say about not being understood, but I still suspect you need specialist advice. You could try counselling for instance, although that would be helping you to make your own decisions rather than telling you what to do or solving your problems for you. You might want to discuss with your GP including enquiring about a diagnosis if you don't yet have one (and yes, I did notice that you said you are a doctor, but presumably even doctors have doctors). If you have a probation officer you might want to ask them for advice. I think your issues appear too numerous and too serious for a chat with an unqualified person to be likely to be sufficiently helpful.

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Thanks for your sensible comments.

I find the legal people want loads of money for no definite benefit ( already spent £100,000), doctors, I know well but they are all looking to make their life easier and want to keep out of legal matters.

Have started efforts for appeal but likely to lose me more money even though I know I have good grounds, but medical issues so the law does not understand them!

Psychologists/ counsellors I see weekly, but they also just give me time but no useful help

Run out of options and tolerating all these regrets and impossible situation is sounding very bad -

Also tried alt medicines, hypnosis, ect,

Police were nasty as they withheld evidence and CPS just like to win, don't seem bothered about the truth and justice.

Maybe I should start a website for people to complain about injustice, the police and CPS

I've been a Samaritan - just a listening service but nice people. No help at all

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Try it like this. On one side of a piece of paper write: things I can do something about. On the other side write: things I can do nothing about.


unfortunately the bad side is enormous and the good side virtually nothing


I'm very sorry that you have gone through this Goldie.


I'll try and keep going, but if it goes quite here look out for the headlines involving a retired GP and the Dorset sea


Hello, l would like to talk to you in more depth. I am about to rush to go to appointment now. That is terrible for you.

Can you please leave your email for me because l have a suggestion for you. Take care Janet


Thanks Janet Message left for you


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