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Asperger Syndrome
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Aspergers Sydrome (Autism)

Aspergers Sydrome (Autism)

In 2013, I was diagnosed with all the symptoms of Aspergers. I went to an interview for a re-assessment of my claim for PIP. I was turned down for my PIP because the interviewer could not see that iI had a communication problem. I now have to write a statement, and get a letter from my doctor. I am struggling to write a letter and know what to say and have to have it ready for my Tribunal soon.

Does anyone have an example letter for me to write?

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Hi not sure what area you live in?

My area has Adult services which dianosed me i got a letter that states it.

There are quite a few things you can ask for when have it like home visit.

Try the national centre at N1 city road london.

Some areas have groups etc that help.

I got a card that states onit about autism alert.

Do a net search.

My friend came with me that is a company director and did a lot of speaking for me.

I had a "luckily small" stroke a few years back which has made Asperger's far worse as can't deal with many things now like crowds and can't deal with the Tube for one



I have been through this exact same process but with ESA. I was paid for years with no issues but was then called in for an interview for the very first time (conducted by a generalist nurse with NO expertise in Autism). My claim was rejected, I then asked for a mandatory reconsideration, was again rejected, and then had to go all the way to formal appeal where I went from zero points to 27 points...

I used a website called Benefits and Work. See: benefitsandwork.co.uk I found their advice very helpful, and the downloadable templates especially useful. I would strongly suggest you sign up with them and follow their free advice at the very least.

Some of the files and templates on there are free as mentioned, but the most useful ones are unfortunately chargeable. But the cost for one year's unlimited access subscription to the site costs £19.95 for a full year. I have no connection with them (financial or otherwise).

The sign-up page is: benefitsandwork.co.uk/join-us

The PIP specific section is: benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso...

I strongly urge you to consider subscribing. After fighting my claim I eventually got a back payment of £1000s from the DWP, although it did take almost 12 months....

Good luck!



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See citizensadvice.org.uk/benef...

From what I understand of the thinking, you won't get this benefit purely because of being diagnosed with something (unless it's a terminal illness). What they will be looking for is not whether you have Asperger, but how it impacts on what you can do. They are extremely specific about what they're interested in - see citizensadvice.org.uk/benef... Citizens advice suggests keeping a diary. They aren't going to be interested in, I had trouble communicating with person X. It will need to be more like, because I had trouble communicating with person X I therefore couldn't do ABC. There's a video about supporting evidence linked from the CAB site.


I have a Circle of Support who wrote to them on my behalf. If you don't have a support worker or circle of support, go on the web-site of the Autistic Society and ask for help. There may be a group you can go to depending on where you live and a health professional working in Autism. the tribunal was good. there was a person who is trained in autism who recognised my symptoms and gave me the PIP


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