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Asperger Syndrome
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Getting no help/answers

Hi I've a 12 year old with many traits,my post could be extremely long.Hes on Senco register because he's dyslexic.We paid in Australia for a assessment but they said with in minutes oh no,he doesn't tick all boxes,so passed us to a education physiologist,but still nothing,any way moving on.We live in uk,my husband as dr but he said school would have to go for diagnosis,yet last week asking regarding older 14 year old,doesn't mix with anyone,likes school was in talented and gifted in Australia,says all kids in his year are idiots,went to dr,they were not interested anyway school were having a parents meeting and we managed to see Senco for him.Anyway my 12 year old regarding his diet I was told by a dietitian couldn't be helped as its that of a child on the autistic spectrum,my worries are if he has a exam will he go and hide,as he done this during a Spanish test,he now has started what I'd call a new twitch he sorts of gulps when he talks,originally he had a tonsil stone,but this is gone and he still does it.He was and still is fascinated by trains.He does struggle with other things,sensory related too,like he will only wear what he calls comfy pants eg jogging bottoms,we wear school trousers because we have too.I have a 10 year old daughter loves maths but if we have a meltdown it can last for well over a hour.These outbursts are hard for anyone and I feel embarrassed too,I've had it in Cubs to the point were a leader has dragged her from a room or people or telling her off.I also have had these outburst where the laundry basket got it,my bin had a massive dent where I kicked it.

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I am a little confused, are you still in Australia or are you in Britain now? Either way, is there any way you could try to get a second opinion? If you let me know where you are, I might be able to point you in the right direction.


I'm in the uk


Ok, first thing is contact the helpline for the National Autistic Society. They can help you figure out what help is available to you in your area and what the best course of action is. It is a fight to get help but it is also necessary. Good luck to you both.


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Hi Felixmum, ask your doctor to refer your son to C.A.M.S as he is 12 he just qualifies, they can diagnose him, also you can get advice from the National Autistic society. Hope this helps, NanaT


Well after a trip to dr after a friend here advised me to go to My dr and ask for a second opinion,he is now going to send a letter to ask for an assessment.Hes now 13.


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