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Asperger Syndrome
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Outburst an hour ago

Just had a frenzied burst of anger.. screaming . Swearing where I damaged a clock in my house.. I thought I was going to faint afterwards..

just feel like people don't take me seriously when I say please go away .. I don't feel well.. please don't speak to me I need quiet time..

I get this burst of anger and I feel like I let myself down.. I also have bipolar .. people don't realise how important it is to leave you alone sometimes. Quiet .

Was diagnosed Asperger this year

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This ise a common trait with many people with Aspergers. Are you getting any help since your diagnosis? I suggest you read as much as you can about autistic meltdowns and encourage those around you to do the same so that both you and they might become more aware of what triggers these responses. Keeping a diary of events leading up to your outbursts might help you identify the causes.


I can relate, my husband feels that way sometimes. Boy I've heard him curse and scream to. Perhaps it stems from not being respected? Would you agree?


Hey buddy, I know how much you really feel I understand how challenging it must be when you're angry,do you break up anything, you need to keep a cool head,I'm not being horrible but just count to ten and slowly breathe and you will be fine.


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