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Pip update

Hi folks ,

just wanted to let u know we made contact with autismUK in our area.they were great and went through everything with us before assesment.

Michael had indefinate dla before the changes.well a brown envelope arrived this morning and it's good news and not so good news.

Michael got high rate personal card element but no award on mobility element.😕award made till 2021.

so I am not sure wether to ask foe reconsideration of just be happy with what we got ?

Thank you to every one who responded to my original post asking for help.

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Hi there ask for a mandatory reconsideration and send in a letter or support from Michaels GP/social worker. He should be entitled to support from a social worker now he has been diagnosed. If mandatory reconsideration is rejected then go to appeal I am currently appealing as my PIP was reduced and I have aspergers syndrome (recently diagnosed) and fibromyalgia. Ask for support from Citizens advice bureaux and local disability groups when it comes to filling the form can mention that sensory issues make it difficult in respect of using public transport. Hope that this helps and good luck x


Thank u.funny u mention fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed a few years ago and Michael has trouble with feet ankle knees and memory .wonder if there is connection ?

Michael has no support at the moment from any services.he is currently awaiting for mental health team app since camhs no longer deal with him as he is 18 now. We don't have social worker .only other person Michael has is his disability advisor at college. Other than that it's me his dad and little brother who is there for him.I'm in middle of writing the mandatory thing ( had to do some research on what it was)

It so time consuming and obviously the recent change in reguards to mental health and mobility component makes it harder .he did get some points just not enough to qualify😡I think they intentionally make it hard to apply.

thanks again for u r reply and u r suggestions.


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