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re not austic child and me

Dear ALL

I have just sent an email to my daughter's school to her inclusion Officer asking if she has any more concerns that my daughter could be austic and she said no. I have copied and sent this email to my daughter's physcharist asking her not to go any future with this. My daughter has social anxiety disorder and is taking medication for this since January this year. This has really helped with her anxiety and getting her back into hospital education at its base. She is still struggling with alot of things socially, managing change and transition.

I want to thank every one with all there help with answering my questions etc. I won't be posting any more on this forum. I hope and pray you all get the help, the answer you need for yourselves and your children. Thank you for being my friend in a time of need.

I also stop looking at whether I am austic too. I going to stop looking and stop reading about it. I going to take all my books back to the library and give away the book I bought on 20 things an Asperger girl want her partner to know.

I need to concentrate on my daughters well being and getting her seen by CAMHS.

Thank you and Goodbye.

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All the best to you and your daughter. I hope that she gets the support she needs. xxx


thank you and goodbye

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