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re communication between woman with high functioning autism and a NT man

I have struggled for years to understand why my communication with my husband of 22 years isn't better or how I can make it better.

I have asked my pastor for help. My husband and I are having a meeting with him and his wife on Tuesday for 1 hour. This is not the only time we will have but for a starter I would like to have some pointers on why I find it difficult.

I have the book on 22 things Asperger women want their partners to know and I hopefully getting my hubbie to read this.

I am very busy this week with university visits for one of my daughters and it being half term.

Would any one be willing to create for me a concise list I can bring next week.

Many Thanks

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Hello. I attend Couples Nights for people in an 'Autism/Aspergers marriage'. These are very, very helpful. We also took part in research about couples that will soon be released by a Psychologist. Before that we had gone to Marriage Guidance but the person was not aware of the way Aspergers affects a person. So, does your Pastor and his wife understand Autism or have any knowledge of Aspergers? Do they know anyone with this condition? If you want to contact me via private messages on here, please do. I will leave you my email address on a personal message too. If you live in South Wales or the Boarders I could meet you for a chat or we could SKYPE? All the best.


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