Asperger Syndrome
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22 things every asper girl wants her partner to know

Just read this book via download couldnt wait for the hard copy after reading about it via youtube. Suddenly a lightbulb went on ...

Now I know why so many things.. just waiting and hoping my hubbie reads it..It cuts me to the heart when he says things that I always belittle him and bring him down.I dont mean it I am too blunt.

Now I know why Why I am squeal with pleasure at things like my 9 year old self when a simiar thing like that happens to children I care for....

Why when I went out with my one only boyfriend now hubbie of 22 years i had a serious conversation the weekend we started going out. I laid down the rules. I was scarey?!

The melt down I had on holiday this year.

Why I love being a home bod and a mum

I could go on I being to understand being me

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Please could you let me have the book title please? It would help a couple of my family to know about their Asperger selves too.

I'm so glad you have found an understanding husband. You are very lucky. I hope you are able to have a better life knowing now what makes you tick.

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The name of the book is the title of my post.

My hubbie is a gift from God. We are going to get help on our comnunication skills as my pastor says 'we dont communicate very well?!'


Thank you for the book title.

For financial reason I live with my ex-husband. He is the one with Asperger (undiagnosed tho his doctor did confirm he has Aspergers, but won't tell him!!)

Aspergers is all about me, (the self). And unfortunately my ex can't see passed his immediate needs. Lots of detail pass him by, anniversaries are a non event, moans at the grandchildren and mostly likes to keep his own company, next to a computer screen! He cannot see the wider world.

While you are open to communication make the most of it! Take a journey of exploration into everyone else's lives. Try and be in their "shoes" and see the world they their eyes, ask them what it's like to be them and most importantly listen. Listening to others is so good! Treat it as a holiday, and come back to yourself when you need to.

Take care


There is a book for the opposite side of it. I.e. The man. Perhaps it can help you. I agree walking in some bodies elses shoes is greatly beneficial for any one.


Thank you for this! I've just put it in my Amazon basket for my female partner for Christmas!

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