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I was diagnosis with Aspergers in 2015 and every therapist I have dealt with will not explain anything about this. Evey time I as to have them explain anything they say we treat it just like an anxiety issue nothing else. I am so confused I know I do something's weird and feel like an alien from a another planet. But I thought a therapist was suppose to help you and not feel belittled in there office when you ask for an explanation.

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  • Asperger's syndrome is very complicated and everyone is affected slightly differently. My son and nephew were diagnosed last year and the more I read about it the more traits of it I seem to have too. I find reading about it and websites helpful to fill in more details than possible within short therapy sessions try The one of these I have read and found most helpful is the Tony Attwood one. Also, "Autism and Asperger Syndrome preparing for adulthood" by Patricia Howlin and others was very interesting.

    I find health professionals pretty scary and it takes me a long time to build up a good relationship and especially at the beginning I often feel belittled but I also find persistence helpful and several of the relationships I have had with health professionals have got better over time especially as I have taken time to inform myself of their subject.

    Good luck and I hope you get better understanding soon.

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