Homeschooling ASD/Autistic children

Hi, I've been home schooling my two ASD sons. One is 5 and has more severe needs and one is 8 and he is high functioning and advanced. I was diagnosed with ASD 2 years ago but I also have thyroid problems and get days when I feel really ill. Problem is that in Chester where we are the networks for home schooling are a bit rubbish and there isn't much going on. They are also missing the social side of school. Work wise we have covered loads and we get more done in 3 hours than they do in school. My 8 year old has covered all the curriculum for this year. I am debating weather or not to send them back. My youngest however really fell behind in school and he has caught up a lot since being home schooled. He is still not up to level but I am concerned this may happen again and he will end up further and further behind. He has behavioural problems with his ASD though and he often gets over sensitised in a busy situation, so cannot concentrate. I am just looking for people's opinions on this please. What are your views? Many thanks.

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  • Hi KK, I am a Grandmother of an older ASD child who has recently told me they wished to do home tutoring, so what you have written about home schooling your 2 children was interesting to read, It must take a lot of patience home schooling them both.

    interesting you too was diagnosed ASD (and being Hypo.)

    I learnt there was a Low Thyroid and ASD connection, but not much known about it back then, a few years ago.

    Not sure if this is of interest to you, but I have just printed off an article from:-

    Autism Parenting Magazine about Thyroid/Autism connection, (Advice on How the Thyroid?Autism Connection can make a difference.)

    try googling it all , (sorry not good at links) it mentions that three quarters of ASD children have a low thyroid function.

    I too am Hypothyroid and on TUK Forum on HU.

  • Hi, thank you. Yes I became aware of the connection myelf. Actually I was hypo after my 2nd child but doctors told me I was ok. I just trusted them and thought it must be something else. Since found out the nhs dont diagnose you until your TSH levels exceed 10 but in some countries you are classed as hypo with a TSH of 3 and above. It would explain why the autism became more severe in my third child as my thyroid was declining more. Also my mum is hypo and all the ladies on my mums side of the family. I really do think there is a connection. Hypothyroidism during pregnancy causes developmental delays..developmental delays are later diagnosed as autism.

  • That is terrible KK, you had to wait so long for your Thyroid diagnosis, good to see that you are also on the TUK forum though :)

    Our Grandchild had a bad reaction to a baby vaccine that same evening, our G. child was screaming out and throwing their head backwards, (we later found out behavior like this can be connected to brain swelling, many ASD children have had the same reaction.)

    No one, not even their Mum or Dad was able to calm them. Grandchild's body was bright red from top to toe, except a white circle the size of a two pence piece around the vaccine mark, which was so prominent and obvious. Our grandchild was taken by ambulance to hospital where they eventually fell asleep after a few sedatives.

    Are the vaccines putting poisons into our children. There is a new American film recently out called 'Vaxxed', they say parents should watch, though I haven't seen it advertised here yet ?

    I often wonder if our G. child's immune system has been comprised.

    Our Daughter also, like you KK, had 'undiagnosed' Hypothyroidism. She had all the usual symptoms, but 'normal' bloods, same story we hear daily on TUK by many poor soles who get told nothing is wrong with them. Again it runs in our family too, our Daughter's two Grandmothers, her Mum (myself) and some Aunties have all had thyroid problems.

    I am sure Parents of ASD children must have similar stories.

  • I am sure you are right.

    I think i just had bad luck with GPs to be honest. On the mend now though.

    That is awful about yout grandchild with the vaccine, that must have been so scary for everyone.

    Interesting thyroid dysfunction runs along the female line in your family also as it does with mine.

    It does make me wonder about hashimotos to be honest because that is pretty much simalar symptoms to being hypo and you do actually go hypo with it eventually. I displayed hashi symptoms from a child, then in teenage years was just put on anti depressants, anti anxiety drugs, sleeping pills. My moods went up and down.

    Could it be that the mmr sends already sensitive kids antibodies sky high?

    My third child regressed dramatically after his mmr, within 2 weeks. His personaloty changed completely. Also it was noted on his autism report from the hospital that I was hypo? ...Bit strange.

    It does make you wonder. I have a friend who's son is ASD and she is hyper. So many connections. Lots of symptoms of autism are identical to thyroid dysfunction also.

  • Hi KK, could you send the eight year old back? Socialising is a big deal.

  • Hi, they are both now back at school. I home educated for about 8 weeks and they completed the work for their year. However it was too difficult with both of them as my 8 year old was doing advanced work and my 5 year old needs teaching completely differently. My 5 year old is getting hardly any support in school and there are problems already. I think he needs to be in a special school but the SEN team at the council are just ignoring my requests. It is never ending really.

  • Fabulous achievement. Does yr 5 r old have a TA? It is true it is never ending. Still going on with us at 18.

  • They have teaching assisstants in the class, 2 per class but he should have a one to one just for him. He hasn't at the moment because his old school got all his funding. He is really struggling without one.

  • It is so exhausting dealing with the child, without having to fight every step. Obviously you have asked the LA to transfer the funding ... written to your councillor?

    I have boxes full of this stuff, and I'm still doing it. And it feels as though the whole fight, eight years of it, was for nothing. I hope it works out better for you.

    Watch their ferritin levels if you can.

  • Yes, his plan is up for review in September so he should get new funding then. Been going round in circles with it all to be honest. Originally we applied to a school which is literally 2 mins walk from our house. They refused him purely on the basis of his disability. They said they did not have enough space for a time out zone for him. This excuse was pathetic as a chair can be used for time out, or a step. This school originally made out they would accept him, then suddenly declined him out of the blue via the SEN team and after both heads speaking to each other. I was fuming but had already told his school he was at he was leaving. They made it impossible and put the new school off. So i ended up homeschooling him. The bus journey was hell. His new school now is also 2 bus rides away but its on a quieter road so he doesn't get sensory overload as much. My husband spoke to a lady from the local church(parish council), this is part of the nearby school that rejected him. The vicor is on the board of governor's . She is going to make the governors aware of the blatant discrimination towards our son. So fingers crossed he may get into the nearer school. Life would be so much easier if he did get in there.

  • At one point a secondary school found a big stationery cupboard where my son could go for quiet. it's not hard. If you walked round the school you'd spot somewhere. Pathetic excuses they make.

    Was it a church school which rejected him?

  • It's a Church of England school yes. I've heard they don't like taking kids with special needs. I know I was fuming when they rejected him and sent an email to the head explaining that time out could be anywhere. It's pure discrimination.

  • You could write to the Archbishop of Canterbury asking him for his schools to take moral responsibility for the vulnerable and send a copy to the local paper explaining the background. You've probably got enough on your hands though.

  • Thank you I will if nothing comes of this lady within the church. To be honest though she is going to fight my son's corner and we didn't ask her to she just heard about it and wanted to. She will carry some umph if she is within the church. I am betting the other board of governors were not even aware of what has happened.

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