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Good Morning, my mutual health unlocked participants. I am happy to learn, with delight and glee, that I now have my diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome with pronounced Adult ADHD and that the Borderline Personality Disorder that I have had some time has been revoked and subsequently liquidated. It is common for Aspies to be misdiagnosed at some time or other in their lives, due to the complexities of the symptomotology, and it was a very good consultant psychiatrist that sent an email report to my general practitioner doctor notifying her that my symptoms are more conducive to Asperger's than BPD and I just don't present myself as having the latter complaint. I am a very submissive, passive person who is susceptible to severely pronounced ongoing financial abuse.

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  • Congratulations! I was diagnosed incorrectly for decades, and I've recently started to understand that what everyone thought were cyclic episodes of Major Depressive Disorder, were my version of a "melt-down," except I basically "freeze" in place (mentally and sometimes physically). Almost all my health issues can be attributed to Aspie or ADHD issues (I was diagnosed late with that, too) but I found it quite validating that not only was I heard, but I was asked the right questions.

    I've started a local Meetup for people with Asperger's Who Were Diagnosed as Adults, and I was surprised to find that they actually WANTED to get out. We had put together a meeting and 4 people (all on the spectrum, but still all different) actually showed within 2 weeks (we got 10 people who signed up in a week).

    I'm trying to create an environment that is "friendship" friendly, because I don't believe anyone (even me) should not have friends. I speak very easily to people and strangers, but if I have nothing in common, my social anxiety sets in. I'm trying not to be the Project Manager I was, and letting the meetings take on a life of their own, which is a bit uncomfortable for me.

    Again, congrats on your diagnoses changes, it may just change your life (for the better)!

  • Fantastic! Which area of the UK are you in? We have a Couples Night once a month for people on the Spectrum where either one or both are on, or suspect they are on the Spectrum. Very, very useful.

  • Congratulations on your recent diagnosis.

  • Just a funny comment. I didn't realize I had already answered this, and I just wrote out another answer that was almost verbatim to what I had already written. That's got to be an Aspie thing!

  • Glad you have made this breakthrough! I'm another late-in-life Aspie diagnosed person who at one time was told I was boarderline. But it was really the PTSD symptoms on top of my Aspie self. Getting all this sorted out has been the best thing in my life. I hope it is for you also.

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