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Hi I'm new here only just joined my daughter is 16 years old and since she was 2 years old I new she was different to her sisters which made me protect and love her more when she was 13 she was diagnosed with autism aspergers spectrum I was glad to finally have a diagnosis but also sad to hear the news as there is no cure but through the years we've learnt as a family how to cope and help her with her needs we've had good days and a lot of bad she has a lot of sensory difficulties like she is physically sick if she smells bad smells hates the smell of smoke can't cope with loud noises she puts her hands over her ears and rocks she has problems with foods taste texture smell she also has a lot of social interaction issues she doesn't speak to people or make eye contact doesn't understand emotions face features I could be crying she wouldn't ask if I'm ok she doesn't understand she also has obbsesive behaviours we've been dealing with it all really well as a family and are a very close family as she will only have communication with us but I'm really worried as she went to school yesterday and she's in the hub at school with senco she's been in there for 2 years and when she went in yesterday her senco teacher wasn't there which she found strange as he's never off then they sat her down and had a chat with her and explained that her senco teacher had died suddenly in the night it was awful he's the only person she will talk to at school and it has hit her really hard and she starting to go back into herself refusing to eat refusing to talk refusing to go to school she can't understand how she's never going to see him again

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Hello, All this must be very hard for her and you to cope with. A change is very difficult at the best of times but to be so sudden and to be regarding such an important person in her life is even more difficult. Does she have a Social Worker? You ought to contact the Autism Team or the Team that deals with children who have a Disability or even ask the SALT (Speech Therapy Team) if she could see a Psychologist to support her.

I used to work as a Music Therapist in an NHS Team for people with learning disabilities and if there is a Music Therapist around you neck of the woods, he or she might meet the need. There is no need to speak in the sessions as the interaction is through the use of instruments or vocal sounds and can be very useful for a person with relationship problems.

Have you applied for Benefits for her? If so, you may be able to pay privately for therapy for her rather than wait and wait for help through the usual routes.

All the very best and keep in touch.


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Sorry you and your daughter are having such a difficult time. You have each other and the love between you, and that is the most important thing. 16 is a confusing age for anyone, autistic or not. And people dying suddenly is hard no matter what. Distracting yourselves with something pleasurable and meaningful to both of you may help you get through this period of extra stress. Time is the best healer. Best wishes to you both.

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