Help about HPV

My bf was recently contacted by an ex, that he had 5 years ago, and she told him that she has cervical cancer. She convinced him that she hadnt had any sexual contact after him and told him that she got the virus from him. This made my bf very anxious and worried about my health and told me to have myself checked. I already had a cervical screening done last year and it was normal. Is there a way to detect HPV for me at present? I've been reading online and read that there's no way unless you get symptoms. I also read that it is recommended to have a vaccine for it. I am 26 and havent had a vaccine when I was younger. Is it still okay for me to get one? Also, how can I explain to him that HPV is quite common for sexually active persons? I've read that the virus will just go away eventually and won't cause any problems if the immune system is strong. Do I need to go to my gp for these concerns? Looking forward for responses. Thank you

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