33 weeks pregnant and bad diarohea for about 2 week

Hi. Ive had the diareaha for about 2 weeks know. Today has been the worst. Baby isnt kicking. But she tends to get laid on my right side. Then goes back to normal. So i know she is alright. Been checked at maternity. But they havent done an internal. Also been throwing up. Accompanied by period type pains. Help please.

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  • Dear Becky,

    Unfortunately we can't offer emergency advice. We offer monthly answers on FAQ with our Obstetrician.

    In case of an emergency, please go to your local GP or AE department.

    Kind regards,


  • Dear Becky,

    With the symptoms that you describe, I would advise urgent assessment of you and your baby. The combination of your symptoms, along with your bay not moving could mean that both of you are at risk – and also that you could be in preterm labour, as well as suffering from infection and dehydration. Your maternity hand-held notes will have the emergency numbers of your local maternity unit. Please call them to let them know that you are en route to see them. If you do not have someone with you to take you, then I would advise calling an ambulance.