Hello community!

This is Stephanie here, one of the co-founders of Doctify, an online platform where you can easily find and book a doctor that is right for you. I am super excited that you guys are here in the community and I want to encourage you to ask lots of questions to our doctors.

The doctors that will answer your questions work with Doctify to give patients more choice on where, when and with whom they want to be treated. I wanted communities like this to be created because I want patients to be able to seek assurances from medical experts from the comfort of their own home. After discussions with the HealthUnlocked team, I believe that by establishing communities here, we can distribute quality advice in a community that cares for each of its members.

I myself am an NHS doctor and a few years ago when I was worried about a medical issue, even I struggled to find the right doctor for me – and I’m a healthcare professional! With my good friend, Suman, we decided to start Doctify. We wanted to give everyone a smoother healthcare journey, and give more power to patients.

Please enjoy and use the Doctify expert communities to your advantage! A lot of the doctors that work with us are experts in their field and this is your chance to get some sound, trusted advice.

All the best with your healthcare journey!


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  • I thought I was pregnant 4 weeks boobs bit bigger felt bloated after day of gestation now 4 weeks in blood there I've had two kids no blood

  • Q: What do I do if I experience bleeding early on in pregnancy?

    Dear Mariah,

    If you think you are pregnant but have experienced some bleeding, you should take a pregnancy test as soon as possible. This will confirm whether you are actually pregnant, otherwise, it might just be the beginning of your period. It’s actually quite common to bleed in early pregnancy – and doesn’t automatically mean that you will go on to miscarry. However, if you are pregnant and experiencing some bleeding, you should get checked to make sure that all is well. Your GP can refer you to your local early pregnancy unit – but if you have any pelvic pain or dizziness, or a history of an ectopic pregnancy, then it is better to go directly to the local hospital’s emergency department for a specialist assessment.