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Ovarian Cysts/masses

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I had an ultrasound and got my results back Monday. I have multiple masses that are suspicious for malignancy. This really scares me. I’m in pain but it’s manageable. I’ve been referred to OB/GYN because I haven’t gotten a period in 3 months! Also I’m severely bloated, I sweat a lot, rectal bleeding and just been very emotional lately. I needed to reach out and find a support system for myself. I can’t worry myself to death.

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Get checked asap especially CA 125 biopsy if necessary CT scans and internal Sonagram as well They will be able to hopefully direct and advise what next hang in there speak to gyno or gyno/onc. Keep us updated!

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Hi there Deb,

Thank you for your message - we're sorry to hear that you're going through a worrying time with all of this. It can be very scary waiting to find out what's going on.

In terms of next steps diagnosis-wise, it's likely that you will have a CA125 test, biopsy and CT scan - these and the ultrasound scan that you have already had will help piece together the 'ovarian picture' and whether there is a malignancy or not.

We say that your location says United States (we are a UK charity) - in terms of finding yourself support, can we suggest that you look for an ovarian/ovarian cancer charity based in the US, and they will be able to help in terms of talking to other people going through similar things, offering support and a listening ear.

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

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